Golden Retriever's Hilarious Expression While Watching 'Ozark' Goes Viral—'Too Intense'

A golden retriever's hilariously tense reaction to the latest season of the hit Netflix series Ozark is proving popular with pet lovers and fans of the show alike.

In a video posted to TikTok by Enzo Potato, the dog can be seen watching the gripping moment FBI Agent Maya Miller has a face-to-face meeting with Mexican cartel boss Omar Navarro in Episode 3 of the brand new Season 4 of the show.

It's a tense moment to say the least and the drama of it all is clearly not lost on the watching pooch, as the footage shared to social media suggests. It can be viewed here.

Having zoomed in on the TV to establish they are indeed watching Ozark, the camera then pans across to reveal that the man filming the clip is watching the Netflix series in the company of his dog—and they are just as gripped.

While it's adorable enough to see a dog watching television in such an engaged way, it's the golden retriever's suitably tense expression that makes the video so entirely relatable for anyone who has ever watched the show.

A crime-thriller pressure cooker of a series, which is set to conclude with a final seven episodes later this year, the dog's expression summed up the thoughts of many Ozark fans who took to the comments section on the video.

"That's exactly how I watch Ozark too," Michael37 wrote. "My exact reaction during that scene and every scene," dr.adamchristman52 commented. Chantelversace1 agreed: "Yes, that's me watching it. I know how he's feeling!"

Others imagined what the pet pooch might be thinking watching the show. Maureen Eleyet-Johns suggested it was a look that said "The suspense mommy," while Kanyegifts imagined the dog saying: ""I can't take it dad this is too intense!!!"

A few, meanwhile, were envious of the evident bond between man and dog that led to them being snuggled up together binging Netflix. Alyssajoy69 said it was just another sign that "I need a golden retriever" with gillonk writing: "all I want in life is to be able to stream shows with a pup like this."

The clip has proven a huge hit having racked up more than 8 million views in a few days. Though the video was shared by EnzoPotato, it was originally shared by a user called connerk93 who no longer appears to be on TikTok.

Newsweek has contacted EnzoPotato for comment.

Dogs have been shown to be capable of perceiving images and sounds on television in much the same way as a human does.

However, there are some notable differences.

Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist at Tufts University, explained to National Geographic that one of the key differences is that "dogs' eyes register images more quickly" than humans do. "So older television sets, which show fewer frames per second than modern televisions, would appear to a dog to be flickering like a 1920s movie," Dodman said.

Binghamton University also told the publication that another key difference comes in the fact dogs have dichromatic vision, meaning they only see in two primary colors, yellow and blue. "Human vision is trichromatic, so we see the full range of colors," it explained.

The video follows on from another viral clip which captured a golden retriever puppy sitting mesmerized while watching a Cardi B music video on television.

Another golden retriever went viral after the owner filmed a heartwarming reaction to seeing a cartoon dog on television.

Netflix series Ozark and a Golden Retriever.
A screenshot from the Netflix series "Ozark" and stock image of a golden retriever. A dog's hilarious reaction to an especially tense episode of the streaming series has gone viral. funkybg/Netflix/Getty