Dog Reunited With Her Puppy in New Forever Home Melts Hearts: 'Wholesome'

The internet has been left delighted after a woman shared her decision to adopt their puppy's mother after she was retired from breeding.

Kenzie Keller shared the feel-good story on TikTok under the handle kenziekeller32 on March 7, in a video that now has more than 14 million views. It can be viewed here.

In the video, Keller explains that their puppy's mom was being retired from breeding and they decided to adopt her too.

A golden retriever named Zoey comes through the door to greet her baby—melting hearts online in the process. In a later clip, the pair can be seen cuddling up together on the bed.

Viewers rushed to the comments to share their feelings about the video which has received over 2.5 million likes.

"Poor mama, finally after so many litters, she gets to see this one grow," said one viewer. Another TikToker wrote: "This honestly made my day. Thank you. It's beautiful."

"Yup, now I'm crying," said another commenter. Another user wrote: "So wholesome."

When it comes to breeding, The American Kennel Club (AKC) promotes a range of resources and programs to educate the public on responsible breeding practices and dog ownership. While it supports reasonable laws that protect the welfare of dogs and do not restrict the rights of breeders and owners, the AKC opposes the concept of breeding permits, bans, mandatory spay-neuter, and arbitrary kennel requirements. The group says that such requirements are ineffective, difficult to enforce, and unfair to responsible dog owners.

It is possible for a female dog to have three litters a year. Dogs go into heat around the age of six to 12 months and do not have menopause. If a dog lived to the age of 11, they could have up to 30 litters. But this number is unlikely and not recommended.

While there is no limit in the U.S. on the number of litters a dog can have, many experts agree that female dogs should not exceed a maximum of four litters during their lifetime. Any more than this can cause health problems for the dog. The site Mi Dog Guide even warns: "Dogs that have had many litters often end up with health problems. If medical expenses will cost too much, or the dog will be neglected because of her problems, she may be a better fit for another home. Every dog deserves a good owner to take care of them and love them."

After re-homing the former breeder, Keller has shared multiple videos of their adventures, telling viewers on TikTok that the dog is "loving life."

"A mother's love is the strongest and most beautiful thing in the world," wrote another commenter on TikTok. One user said: "I hope she enjoys her retirement with you."

Newsweek has reached out to kenziekeller32 for comment.

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Golden Retriever dog and puppy together
A file photo of a Golden Retriever dog and puppy together. A dog being reunited with her puppy after being retired from breeding has melted hearts online. Christine McCann/Getty Images