'My Dog Won't Touch Wet Grass': Pet Owners Share Hilarious Quirks

From a dog who pretends to limp when his paws are too muddy to a pooch who refuses to touch wet grass, canine owners have shared stories about their very timid pets.

After a viral Reddit video showed a well-trained black Labrador jumping into the ocean to retrieve her owner a lobster, dog owners took to the comments to reveal hilarious tales of their less obedient pooches.

While one owner's dog refuses to walk on concrete because his paws get too hot, another insists on being carried over drains during walks.

Other owners shared stories of dogs pretending to shiver when they want to be fed and making their owners lift them onto the bed—despite being very capable of climbing up there on her own.

Dalmation by a chair
Dalmatian by a chair. Canine owners have shared stories about their very timid pets. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The original post, shared on the AnimalsBeingBros chat by a user called u/Aztery, received a huge 19,000 upvotes, nearly 350 comments and can be found here.

One user said: "My dog won't touch wet grass or step outside the house if it's raining. She's a yellow lab and she will jump into the nastiest puddles you can imagine.

"It's an actual chore to get her to not go swimming when we're near a body of water. If it's raining or the grass has dew on it she won't go to the bathroom for hours. Dogs are weird."

"Meanwhile, I have to carry my dog over puddles," commented another.

A third said: "Dog wouldn't go down stairs at an Airbnb. Five days I carried this damn dog down the stairs. The last day when we're checking out. All of a sudden she has zero issues and goes down just fine."

"Reminds me of my dad's old Rottweiler. She would put her front paws on the bed of his pickup truck and then turn her head and just stare at him and wag her little nub until my dad would have to lift her heavy self up. She was perfectly capable of doing it herself, she just preferred my dad to pick her up," wrote a fourth.

Similarly, another owner explained how her puppy constantly jumps on her bed, but when it's time for bed "stares at me like she's still a little baby and needs help."

One user said their friend's dog wouldn't walk on concrete while another revealed their dog has to be carried over the parts of the street that have runoff drains—teasing that with "great evolution comes great anxiety."

"My dog fakes limps when his paws are too wet or muddy," wrote one user.

Another added: "My one dog could fake shiver at will usually for food but sometimes for weather conditions she didn't like, such as not being on the couch."

A third wrote: "I had to go home during a walk that we were only 2 minutes into because a blade of grass wrapped around my dog's nail. She was limping, the drama queen."

"Every winter my dog's paws get cold when we go out for walks and he starts limping like his legs are broken so I end up carrying him home. He looks so god damn smug when I'm holding him lol," another user added.