Don Lemon Explodes at Trump Spokesperson on CNN: 'Shut Up, Shut Up!'

CNN anchor Don Lemon has dubbed President Donald Trump the "biggest snowflake" in response to a claim the former Apprentice host was the "most masculine person ever" to occupy the White House.

Lemon introduced a Fox News clip in which the president's campaign spokesperson, Hogan Gidley, was asked whether Trump felt "emasculated" due to a crackdown on him by social media companies, such as the ban imposed by Twitter.

But Gidley's response that "the most masculine person I think to ever hold the White House is the president of the United States" didn't impress Lemon, who sighed when he was back in shot after the sound bite was played.

"I have heard a lot of pathetic things from this White House, this one really takes the cake," Lemon said.

CNN's Don Lemon i
CNN's Don Lemon is pictured in December 2019 at the Ripple Of Hope Gala & Auction In NYC in New York City. He has called President Donald Trump a "snowflake" for his response to the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Mike Pont/Getty Images

"A big tough guy who incited a riot and then hid in the White House for five days and still refuses to take responsibility.

"He's the president of the United States," Lemon continued, punching his desk, before mocking Gidley's voice in repeating his claim that he is the "most masculine" president. "Come on, man, shut up. Shut up!" he said punching his desk again.

Checking in on Don Lemon over on CNN...

“Shut up! Shut up! He is the biggest snowflake of them all…the biggest loser we’ve ever had as president."

Milking those last 9 days!

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) January 12, 2021

"He is the biggest snowflake of them all, the biggest one," he said, "Why are you coddling all of these people's feelings," Lemon asked of Gidley, adding: "Who's the snowflake now?"

Lemon also mocked Jake Angeli, real name Jacob Anthony Chansley, the image of whom wearing horns became a defining picture of the Capitol storming.

After surrendering to the FBI, Chansley appeared in court on Monday but his mother Martha Chansley told reporters he was not eating in custody because "he gets very sick if he doesn't eat organic food."

Lemon said: "Snowflakes, cowards," before continuing, "The president's legacy will be not the most masculine president, but the biggest loser we have ever had as president. Maybe that should have been the name of his show instead of The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser." Newsweek has contacted the White House for comment.

U.S. Capitol Police said on Monday that a number of its officers had been suspended for what they did during the deadly insurrection by Trump supporters. Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said that some USCP officers and officials "appear to be in violation of Department regulations and policies."

Amid calls for Trump's removal from office, an unnamed senior White House administration official told The Associated Press that Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met on Monday for the first time since the storming of the Capitol.

The pair expressed that those who stormed the Capitol "do not represent the American first movement backed by 75 million Americans," the official said.

The graphic below by Statista shows how Americans feel the removal of Trump from office before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

trump removal from office graph