Donald Trump Attacks Alec Baldwin's 'Dying Mediocre Career,' But Calls Him 'Alex,' Misspells 'Dying'

President Donald Trump began his Friday morning with one man on his mind: Alec Baldwin.

The commander-in-chief took aim at Baldwin, 59, and his "dying mediocre career" in his usual frenzied Twitter bawdiness. Actually, perhaps the president wasn't wide awake yet, because it took him two attempts to insult Baldwin. An earlier—now-deleted—version of his tweet called Baldwin "Alex" and misspelled "dying" as "dieing."

"Alec Baldwin, whose dying mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing me was agony. Alec, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent," said the amended tweet.

See below:

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And, now, the earlier tweet:

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The president's comments are in response to an interview with Baldwin published by The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. The Hollywood trade asked Baldwin about whether he plans to continue his Emmy-winning impersonation of Trump on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin described playing Trump as "agony."

Baldwin said he is on a mission to get Trump out of office, telling the magazine: "I could go out on the street, stand on any corner and tap 10 people on the shoulder. And all 10 of them, in all likelihood, would be more qualified—ethically, morally, intellectually and spiritually—than Trump."

"I'll vote for Mitt Romney. I don't care. Anybody over this guy. It doesn't matter. We have to get rid of him," the comedian continued. "And that's another project I'm working on. I was the keynote speaker at the Democratic dinner in Iowa, and I'm gonna go do a couple more of those this year. My wife and I agreed that we're gonna give it everything we have. And then if, God forbid, he wins again in 2020, I'm wondering can I host a game show in Spain."

Trump has previously taken issue with Baldwin's winning SNL sketches. In a tweet in October 2016, a month before the presidential election, he called the parody a "hit job."

Donald Trump Attacks Alec Baldwin's 'Dying Mediocre Career,' But Calls Him 'Alex,' Misspells 'Dying' | Culture