Donald Trump Boasts His Political Endorsements Are 'Strongest' in History

Donald Trump said his endorsements of political candidates are considered the "strongest" in U.S. history while attacking an ABC News roundtable in which guests questioned their influence.

The former president issued a statement criticizing the "low-rated political shows that plague our Sunday morning programming" after former New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie, ex-chair of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile, and political commentator Sarah Isgur appeared on a This Week panel to discuss how much a Trump endorsement actually benefits a candidate.

"When Donald Trump endorses a candidate, it actually doesn't do much to help them," Isgur said on Sunday's show.

Christie said that the gubernatorial race in Georgia, where Trump is backing former Senator David Perdue over incumbent Brian Kemp, shows that Trump's endorsement may not have as big an impact as expected while citing a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

"The last poll that came out, Brian Kemp is beating David Perdue by seven points in Georgia. He's beating [Democrat candidate] Stacey Abrams by five points," Christie said.

"Perdue, with the Trump endorsement, is behind Kemp in the primary and even with Stacey Abrams in a general poll. That tells you something about what the endorsement means."

In response, Trump reverted back to a tactic of mentioning the apparent low ratings of TV shows and networks which are critical of him while promoting the importance of his endorsements ahead of the midterms.

"Could somebody please inform the low-rated political shows that plague our Sunday morning programming that my Endorsement of candidates is much stronger today than it was even prior to the 2020 Election Scam," Trump said.

"I am almost unblemished in the victory count, and it is considered by the real pollsters to be the strongest endorsement in U.S. political history.

"There are plenty of existing politicians who wouldn't be in power now were it not for my Endorsement (like the Old Crow!)," Trump said, in reference to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has recently faced the ire of the former president for referring to the January 6, 2021 attack as a "violent insurrection."

"The Fake News does everything within their power to diminish and belittle but the people know, and the politicians seeking the Endorsement really know!"

While in previous elections Trump has usually been successful in endorsing the eventual winners, he generally backed the primary candidate who was already the favorite to win.

This year will be a bigger test of Trump's influence as he has endorsed dozens of candidates who are willing to support the so-called "big lie" that the 2020 election was rigged, or are up against those have been highly critical of him.

As noted by FiveThirtyEight, Trump's desire to endorse people who support him or the MAGA movement has meant he has backed more than 20 candidates who are up against incumbents, who rarely lose re-nomination, including sitting members of the Republican Party.

ABC has been contacted for comment.

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Donald Trump makes a statement in the briefing room at the White House on May 22, 2020 in Washington, D.C. The former president has claimed his endorsements of political candidates are considered the "strongest" in U.S. history. Alex Wong/Getty Images