Donald Trump Jr. Calls Claims His Family Is Profiting From the Presidency 'Ridiculous'

Donald Trump Jr. dismissed as "ridiculous" the suggestion his family is profiting from the presidency, amid accusations his father and those close to him are cashing in on the White House.

Most recently, questions were raised about the U.S. military refueling at an airport in Scotland close to President Donald Trump's Turnberry golf resort, at which servicemen and women stayed during the unorthodox stopover. The U.S. Air Force has ordered a review.

Vice President Mike Pence also stayed at Trump's Doonbeg golf resort during his visit to Ireland, despite his official meetings taking place in Dublin, which is on the opposite coast. Pence visited family in Doonbeg. Trump has also used Doonbeg as a base for official visits.

President Trump's business interests are held in trust while he is in the White House. His sons Trump Jr. and Eric Trump run the Trump Organization, the family's real estate business, while he is president.

During the Fox & Friends show on Friday morning, host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump Jr. to respond to the accusation that his father and the family are seeking to profit off the back of the White House, citing the Scottish airport example.

"It's ridiculous. First of all, he's not involved at all with such things. They also neglect to talk about the fact that we voluntarily stopped doing any international deals," Trump Jr. said.

"I mean, just think of the opportunity cost. The amount of deals that I've done over the last ten years, extrapolate that over the eight years of what will be his presidency. That's a lot of deals.

"They talk about, 'Someone bought a cheeseburger at the Trump hotel!' It's asinine."

On Monday, Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, accused Trump of violating the emoluments clauses of the Constitution, which forbid the president to earn money beyond their salary.

"We now know of hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars that Trump has been directing into the Trump enterprises," Raskin alleged to CNN, describing the president's actions as "absolutely impeachable."

As Pence stayed at Doonbeg, Trump was pictured playing golf at his course in Virginia on Monday as the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian threatened to wreak havoc on the west coast of America.

"While the president is making appearances at his Virginia golf club, the vice president is making appearances at his Ireland golf club. Because the priority is always making Trump money," Citizens for Ethics, a Washington D.C. watchdog, tweeted.

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Donald Trump, Jr. looks on upon arrival at General Mitchell International Airport, with US President Donald Trump, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 12, 2019. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images