Donald Trump Jr. Claims Joe Biden Is 'All Of The Things They Say' About His Family: 'The Irony Is So Incredible'

Donald Trump Jr. claimed former Vice President Joe Biden is everything "the left" say his father is, and argued that people would say the president had "totally lost it" if he mixed up states.

President Donald Trump's eldest son told Charlie Kirk, a contributor to Newsweek's "The Debate" platform, that he believed people would say his father had dementia if he "mixed up Iowa and Ohio once."

Speaking about Biden on The Charlie Kirk Show, Trump Jr. said: "Biden doesn't remember what state he's in 50 percent of the time. If Donald Trump mixed up Iowa and Ohio once, they'd say he has dementia, he's totally lost it. Joe Biden mixes up Ohio on like a daily basis, and it's like, oh that's totally fine."

The former vice president has admitted he is gaffe-prone and stumbled into a few mistakes on the 2020 campaign trail, such as when he praised Vermont after being asked what he thought of a city in New Hampshire.

President Trump has made similar errors. Both the commander-in-chief and Biden made headlines when they mixed up the locations of mass shootings that took place in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

After saying Biden was "not particularly bright" and a poor performer on the campaign stump, Trump Jr. added: "Joe Biden is all of the things they say about our family that we're literally not doing any of. The irony is so incredible."

Newsweek has contacted the Biden campaign for comment and will update this article with any response.

Elsewhere in the new podcast, Trump Jr. said he would prefer to go one-on-one with Bloomberg than Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the coming election campaign, claiming the billionaire had "never been around a real person."

The Trump Organization executive vice president said the Bloomberg campaign would be a case study of whether a man could buy the presidency, claiming the primary candidate "can't do it with his own personality."

"Bernie, whether you agree with the policies or not, he actually has a real following," Trump Jr. told The Charlie Kirk Show. "He has people that actually believe in him. And I think that means more than the money."

The Bloomberg campaign was contacted for comment earlier today. This article will also be updated with any response.

In a statement last week, Bloomberg said President Trump "inherited a country marching towards greater equality and divided us with racist appeals and hateful rhetoric."

"The challenge of the moment is clear: We must confront this President and do everything we can to defeat him," Bloomberg said, adding "I will do everything I can to defeat you whether I am on the ballot or not."

Donald Trump Jr. At Book Signing
Donald Trump Jr. during a signing event for his new book at Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue on November 5, 2019 in New York. Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images