Man Shares 'Greatest Email' From DoorDash Giving $0 Credit for Order Glitch

A man has shared the "greatest email" he ever received, from DoorDash, as they seemingly offered him $0 compensation over a botched order.

Pheenoh shared a screenshot of the communication to Twitter on Monday, where it's since been liked more than 631,000 times.

Pheenoh ordered from Shake Shake earlier this month, but the delivery—which was fulfilled by DoorDash—went wrong.

The email says: "We sincerely apologize that due to technical issues your order from Shake Shack [redacted] on 5/1/22 may not have been delivered to the standard you expected—you trusted us and we let you down.

"We will be issuing you $0 in DoorDash credits toward your next order in the hope that you give us another try."

The subject of the email also highlighted the amount, saying: "We're sorry, please enjoy $0 off your next order."

The hilarious email, suspected to be a technical error, was met with hilarity by Pheenoh, who captioned the tweet: "This is the greatest email I've ever received."

The delivery company eventually realized their mistake, as the official DoorDash Help Twitter account replied, saying: "We're very sorry about this! This glitch is worse than when Majora's mask would freeze.

"We'd like to look into this for you. Can you please DM us with your email?—Sam."

Shake Shake also spotted the blunder, and reached out to offer Pheenoh some compensation as well.

"The least we can do is help get you burger! We've shot you a DM to help," their official Twitter account replied.

Numerous people commented on the tweet, cracking jokes. For example, @RedBird578 wrote: "At that point I'd switch to Uber Eats."

Maturin1919 asked: "Well, what did you get with your bonus $0?"

"Doesn't surprise me, even the promo codes with these places are laughable. Here's 50% off your next order, up to $5 off," @Random_Outlier wrote.

Enby Hardcore Champion commented: "How many days did it take to get your $0?"

"Yeah, this is why I stopped using Doordash," @2ManyStripes replied.

Nishad Lad joked: "You now qualify for another $0 for this mistake lol."

"Stellar customer service! $0 in credit will go a long way in these tough times!" @Jaybur352 said.

Shiny_Odin quipped: "@DoorDash Amazing customer service 10/10."

"The subject line is everything," @LeagueTruth added.

According to website BusinessofApps, DoorDash is among the most popular food ordering apps in America, claiming it had 57 per cent of food delivery market share in 2021.

This easily surpassed the next highest, UberEats, with 21 per cent, and in third place was Grubhub with 16 per cent.

They shared statistics on the delivery service, saying: "DoorDash increased its revenue by 69% to $4.88 billion in 2021.

"DoorDash has 25 million users, the vast majority of which are from the U.S."

Newsweek reached out to DoorDash, ShakeShack and Pheenoh for comment.

DoorDash file photo and tweets.
A man has shared the "greatest email" ever from DoorDash offering $0 compensation. This file photo shows a DoorDash delivery bag and tweets from DoorDash and Shake Shack apologizing for the mistake. Twitter/Getty Images / Smith Collection/Gado