Woman Fumes About Painted-Over Food in Kitchen Cupboard: 'Landlord Special'

A woman shared the infuriating "ultimate landlord special," after finding painted-over food in her kitchen cabinets.

The tenant shared a clip to TikTok, under username @habbo_club_vip, as she filmed shelves in her house.

In the captions she explained: "Got the ultimate landlord special where they just went ahead and painted over the dried elbow macaroni left behind in the cupboards."

In the clip, she films the piece of pasta—now white to match the interior—as she prises it off the surface with a loud crunch.

It reveals a small portion of the shelf beneath the pasta shell is still the original color.

She jokingly captioned the clip, shared at the end of March, "LiveLaughLandlord." Since being posted it's amassed more than 750,000 views, and can be seen here.

Many commenters shared their own horror stories, as well as sympathizing with her situation.

Captainflipflops joked: "It's structural. That was a load bearing macaroni."

Stephenroehm572 reckoned: "Should have left it. Now you will get blamed for the chip in the paint."

Jehnay thought: "You have damaged their new pristine paint job on almost new cupboards. That'll be $700 in repair fees."

TexMom warned: "Shouldn't have done that... now you won't get your deposit back."

Kraftykellalizard quipped: "£1400 a month food included."

Adrianna reckoned: "You're gonna have to pay to replace the whole kitchen now."

Atlas fumed: "That's a top level of laziness on their part."

While Kikkeaa thought: "Someone should open a museum based on the painted over items that landlords have painted over."

And Megan added: "I got the ultimate supreme special, they painted over a phone."

On a follow-up clip, where she stitched her own viral-video, she captioned it: "I will not tolerate landlord apologists in my comments."

It's structural. That was a load bearing macaroni."

While the tenant commented: "Landlords try to spend the least amount of time/money taking care of their properties so they don't bother to tape anything before painting."

While it's not clear exactly where she's based, Massachusetts' government website laid out the responsibilities of landlords.

"You must provide habitable apartments and common areas for the entire tenancy in accordance with the minimum standards of the State Sanitary Code which seeks to protect the health, safety, and well-being of your tenants and the general public," the site says.

Key utilities and amenities include heat, water, dealing with infestation, ensuring structural elements are sound and keeping exits clear and well-maintained.

While they didn't specifically cover painted-over pasta, the site added: "Kitchens must have a sink sufficient for washing dishes and kitchen utensils, a stove and oven in good working order, unless the written rental agreement states the tenant must provide this, and electrical hook-ups for installation of a refrigerator.

"You are not required to provide a refrigerator, but if you do, it must be maintained by the landlord in good working order."

Newsweek reached out to @habbo_club_vip for comment.

File photo of kitchen cupboard.
File photo of kitchen cupboard. A woman says her landlord painted over food in the kitchen rather than cleaning it. Irina Tiumentseva/Getty Images