'Dramatic' Cat Falling Asleep Instantly in Bowl Delights the Internet

A cat is being branded as "dramatic" after falling asleep while lying in a bowl, and the internet can't seem to get enough of the viral video.

The Reddit post, titled, "My cat fell asleep," has been upvoted 17,300 times since it was shared on May 2 to the subreddit "Animals Being Derps." Redditor @Darth_Revans_Fart shared the post, which has garnered over 100 comments so far.

According to PedMD, cats sleep around 15 hours every day on average, and some felines can sleep up to 20 hours in a given day. They are crepuscular animals, which means they are more active during what's considered the twilight hours, dusk until dawn.

The three-second clip featured an orange and white cat lying in a salad serving bowl on a table in the original poster's (OP) dining room. The feline had its eyes slightly open while relaxing in the bowl with its paws and tail hanging off the sides.

Then suddenly the cat dramatically fell asleep and dropped its head to the side, and it landed on the table where it rested for a few seconds at an awkward angle. All the while, the cat's body was still in the bowl, and the feline's face and nose rested on the table like it was a comfortable position before the video cut off.

A Redditor inquired if the cat woke up after that, to which the OP replied, "Yeah, he woke up. Was being a demon 30 minutes after this video."

Comments came pouring in over the viral catnap, and many people appreciated the cat's actions. "How I wish I could just fall asleep like that," a Redditor weighed in.

Some owners have experienced the same thing with their cats too. "My cat does this on my lap," a viewer said. "It makes me laugh and gives me the warm fuzzies because it means he trusts me implicitly."

Orange and white cat
A "dramatic" cat fell asleep in a bowl, delighting the internet in a viral video. Here, an orange and white cat sitting on a purple chair. ANDREI KRAVTSOV/GETTY

Some people theorized how the cat would feel after its actions. "He's gonna have no idea why his nose is so sore when he wakes up," a Redditor pointed out.

The jokes came rolling in over the short clip. "Someone pressed his poor little off button," a viewer said.

Some were concerned about the viral cat. "Is your cat ok?" a Redditor asked. "Lol, that was not what I expected at all."

Other comments of approval included things like, "Why is this so dramatic," "Heavy sleeper," and "Drama cat."

However, not everyone was sure the video hadn't been edited. "Cat waking up in reverse is what it looks like," a Redditor pointed out.

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @Darth_Revans_Fart for comment.

This isn't the only viral video involving cats. A cat was edited into a number of famous paintings. Another cat seemed to sense its owner's pregnancy. In addition, a cat fought with a piece of toasted bread.