Teen Stumbles Across Eerie 50s-era Diner and Gas Station Frozen in Time

A woman has stumbled across an eerie 1950s-era diner deep in the mountains, which had a gas station attached.

Ry, posting under @babyteef101 on TikTok, shared a clip of the eerie spot to the social media site, which she claimed was in the "middle of nowhere."

She films the building, which has a Texaco sign and two pumps put front, along with old tyres and a battered chair.

Ry said: "I'm walking in the mountains in the middle of nowhere and I found an old abandoned diner / gas station."

She added the hashtags #50sdiner and #chainsawmassacre, as she captioned the clip,. which can be seen here: "Let's hope I don't get murdered!"

The teenager films the eatery through the windows, which shows banquette seating with classic red-and-white chequered tablecloths. On the tables are Coca-Cola napkin holders, while outside there's a Diet Rite Cola sign, and a vending machine for the soda.

While she didn't disclose the location, a sign on the building has a New York dialling code, suggesting it could be in the state.

The clip, shared last month, was watched three million times, and proved so popular Ry posted a follow-up.

"Part two for everyone who asked! Also, the woman who owns the house were staying at gave us permission to go here," she said, with the clip, which has been watched more than 440,000 times, and can be seen here.

This time it seems Ry gets up close and personal with the interior building, as she captured shelves of crockery and bric-a-brac, along with a Coca-Cola fridge in the middle of the room, and memorabilia on the walls.

Lucky Strike and tobacco signs are near the door, while there's a very dusty holder full of empty glass bottles to be recycled. While a rusty tricycle and Remington chainsaws sign give the location a chilling vibe.

In the comment section, Ry explained a little more about the location, dispelling the common assumption it was a film set.

She wrote: "Guys I am staying in a house in a different state right now and the renters told us there was an abandoned building nearby. It is not a movie set ya'll.

"The house we are staying at is in the mountains and is in the middle of nowhere so we wanted to explore!

"I meant abandoned as in no one is there, I do not know the backstory of the building."


Reply to @bluu.squeaks part two for everyone who asked! also, the woman who owns the house were staying at gave us permission to go here. #fyp #50s

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In the comment section, people speculated someone was taking care of the site, as Liley Tovey asked: "What Criminal Minds episode is this."

"I would hang out there everyday," Fae wrote.

Creasenguff wrote: "That thing had a satellite dish and LG AC system. The killer got all the right amenities."

Beckyb199161 asked: "That looks too clean to be abandoned, sure you haven't gone back in time?"

Sike commented: "A gas station in the woods? Idk [I don't know] about that."

While SavannahJaine added: "Is it abandoned or just closed haha."

Newsweek reached out to Ry for a comment.

File photo of an abandoned diner.
File photo of an abandoned diner. A teen stumbled across a gas station and diner while walking in the mountains. Sabih Jafri/Getty Images