Employee Quits After Announcing 'I Hate This Job' Over Store's PA System

A department store employee claims they quit their job and gave the boss a piece of their mind on the way out—announcing "I hate this job" on the PA system.

A TikTok user called Carla (who uses they/them pronouns) shared a clip to the site, claiming they used to work for Burlington, formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory. In the video, the former staff member is seen wearing a Burlington badge and speaking into a phone, announcing: "Attention all Burlington shoppers and associates, I would like to say a few words.

"First off, I hate this job and these pervert managers and co-workers, and this toxic environment, and just co-workers talking c*** on other co-workers."

Carla ends the dramatic message with a pleasant: "Thank you for listening and thank you for shopping at your local Burlington. Have a good evening."

The clip was posted to TikTok on Saturday with the caption: "All the managers should be fired."

Burlington has 784 stores across 45 states and Puerto Rico, according to its latest quarterly earnings report, but it is not clear which one Carla claims to have worked at.

The video, which can be seen here, has amassed 2.5 million views and caused quite a stir. In response to comments asking whether they had in fact been fired, Carla shared an update on Friday.

This clip was captioned: "This is not about the money to make it clear."

In the follow-up video, Carla said: "For everybody who's asking me who wants to know, I did not get fired. I quit on my own. I do have a job."

They added: "But all I can honestly say is I said how I felt."

Carla said they would not "say names," but did detail some of the concerns that motivated them to quit.

"I felt very uncomfortable in that store, I felt very uncomfortable... But it's a good job I really did like it, I'm upset that I had to leave because of that reason but I'm not going to stay somewhere that is just very toxic for me and very unsafe for me, and just everybody there is, makes me feel uncomfortable as a girl.

"It wasn't enough, the paycheck wasn't enough for me to stay there. I just couldn't deal with the people who made me feel uncomfortable.


All the mangers should be fired

♬ Beggin' - Måneskin

"I feel like I was being taken for granted at that job. And it sucks, it honestly really does suck, but things happen, what can I honestly do? All I can do is hope for the best."

It was unclear from Carla's first video whether they were actually at a Burlington store when it was filmed, whether the PA system was on or whether the store was open.

But the dramatic exit struck a chord with viewers, who said they aspired to leave jobs in a similar fashion.

Elias wrote: "She is so brave for this, so proud of her, hope she can land on her feet soon."

"Yes girl I wish I could do this at my last job," Haylee Frueh wrote.

Chloe Szara posted: "I wanna do this at my job so bad!! Also you go girl! I can hear the anxiety in your voice but you did great."

Luis asked: "Good for you but can't they sue?"

Carla replied: "We will find out."

Newsweek has reached out to Carla and Burlington for comment.

File photo of Burlington Coat Factory.
File photo of a Burlington Coat Factory store in California, seen in 2018. A person claiming to be an employee says they quit after calling out co-workers and managers on the store's PA. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images