Streamer Etika Banned on Twitch for Using Homophobic Slur

Daniel Desmond Amofah, also known as Etika, has been banned from Twitch after using a homophobic slur on his channel. The streamer and content creator has had a controversial week and has lost access to both his YouTube and Twitch accounts. In a clip from earlier on Thursday, Amofah starts reading a conversation between him and another streamer asking about Etika's sexual preference. "Yes n--, I am a f--- and I suck dick all day," Amofah says in the clip. It's unclear how the long the ban on his account "EtikaWorldNetwork" is or if it is permanent.

Twitch is very strict when it comes to using homophobic slurs on their platform. Hate speech breaks Twitch's Terms of service and can result in very serious bans depending on the context. Most recently, Twitch banned streamer Trihex for a week for using the word while on stream.

Last Thursday, Amofah posted a cryptic message on reddit that made fans fear the streamer may be suicidal. "And now, it's my turn to die. I love you all. Keep fighting for me, ok? I'll miss yall," he wrote. He posted pornography to the channel and disappeared from social media for a few hours. "Etika" quickly started trending on Twitter, hitting the number four spot before the night was over. His YouTube channel was permanently deleted for breaking the site's ToS.

The next day, Amofah told his fans that this was all just a stunt and that he was fine. "Guys I'm fine, please stop worrying about me LOL. You know I like to be overdramatic. Carry on!" he wrote on reddit. He had been streaming fairly consistently on Twitch since, trying to get back into the good graces of the fans who felt betrayed and used by the streamer.

On Twitter, Amofah said that he was "resetting (his) entire channel from jump street as a form of protesting against edgy content demonetization and PC policy, but the method admittedly was reckless." Posting pornography violated YouTube's Community Guidelines and gave him a permanent ban on the platform. He's unable to make a new account (without getting banned) on YouTube or Twitch, making it unclear where Etika could be making content next. The streamer does want to put content back on YouTube, but says on Twitter that that repealing the ban will be "an uphill battle."

Sup niggas, what went from an ARG to a self self revelation, to a political protest to a fucking MELTDOWN, I'm finally back.

Appreciate ya'll and the concern over the last few days, but yes I'm better than ever in terms of how I feel about myself.

Direct is tomorrow too!

— Etika @ 999 (@Etika) October 31, 2018

Twitch does not comment on individual bans on their platform.

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