Ex-Vegan Eats Raw Organs As It Makes Her Feel 'High' and 'Euphoric'

An ex-vegan who now eats raw organs claims she feels "euphoric" and "high" from consuming hearts, liver and kidneys.

Erica Dobeck has been sharing her unique diet on TikTok, where she films herself chomping down on the animal parts, which she admits taste "bad."

Her numerous clips show her eating a mix of beef kidney, heart and liver, chicken feet—after painting the talons pink—pig ears, as well as blending liver into a smoothie.

Dobeck, from southern California, says there are incredible health benefits to her diet, but also some downsides.

In a series of videos, she explained: "No I don't really enjoy eating it, but I do enjoy the benefits it brings me. So it's worth sacrificing taste to feel really good. People prefer supplements, I prefer the source.

"So the reason why I eat it like this, straight from the source, is because for me personally, I don't get a sense of euphoria when it's cooked, because nutrients are lost when cooking.

"I only eat a serving, which is about the size of your palm, in one sitting, and then I refreeze it so that I'm able to eat all of the organ over a few weeks, or even up to a month.

"This is just my preference, and I understand for most people your stomach can't handle this, so please do what works for you. This works for me. And as I said, I feel euphoric when it's raw, not cooked.

"And in one sitting I only eat the size of my palm, so that's like about 3.5oz."

In one of her videos, shared last month, Dobeck added "all the B12 feels like a 'high.'"

Her meaty diet is in stark contrast to the one she was on a few years ago, as Dobeck said: "I literally went from vegan to eating raw meat."

She claimed that after initially feeling great on the plant-based diet, she noticed a change.

A dermatologist told her to incorporate meat products into her diet as she was deficient in zinc.

She said: "About two years ago I was vegan, and at first It was really beneficial for me, I loved how it made me feel, I felt full of life and energized. My skin was just glowing and radiant. But towards the end I lost my period, I didn't get my period for three months, and I had really bad cystic acne. So I needed answers."

Sharing more about her organ-eating journey, Dobeck explained she started off with small portions.

"I don't eat this everyday, some people claim you can get, especially with beef liver, vitamin A toxicity because there's so much in one serving. So I only eat this a few times a week," she said while holding up a raw organ.

She continued: "At first I only ate, literally the smallest piece, and now I'm able to eat the size of my palm a few times a week.

"No, this isn't all I eat, I still eat normal foods just like the rest of you. I just eat organs instead of taking supplements, that's how I view it.

"At first I wasn't able to stomach liver down, heart is a little bit easier, it's more bland. But liver, oh my god liver, it smells really bad, tastes pretty bitter, but I'm glad I was able to persevere because I love how it makes me feel. So you just got to get through that hump."

Her TikTok page has attracted a lot of interest online, with her latest video, shared on Tuesday, already amassing thousands of views.

Her menu choice has proved divisive, with Karen Ann English writing: "Omg I feel sick."

Girl wrote: "I'll never been vegan but this made me want to."

Hee Hee commented: "Cooking was invented for a reason."

While Sierra Orr783 asked: "Do you know what salmonella is."

But some claimed they too follow a raw diet, with Amanda Lott revealing: "I've been eating raw meat and raw eggs for a few years. Saved my health and my doctor approved. It has so many benefits."

And Alyssa Beth Matthews added: "I eat raw meat all the time."

Newsweek reached out to Dobeck for comment.

Man holding a dried pork ear.
Stock image of a man holding dried pork ear. An ex-vegan has revealed she now eats raw organs, saying it makes her feel "euphoric." Mikhail Dmitriev/Getty Images

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