Woman Sparks Outrage for Eating Banana With Knife and Fork

A video of a woman eating a banana with a knife and fork has been met with fury and outrage online, with people demanding justice.

Sofia Marbella shared the method on her TikTok channel, where she regularly uploads videos for her "basic lady etiquette tips" series.

"The rules of etiquette are so simple, just try and organize them. I know it's a bit of an effort, but trust me, you'll feel more confident and happier," she said.

The 46-year-old has previously shared tutorials on how to enter a car gracefully, how to walk up stairs, sit down and greet guests at cocktail parties.

And now it seems she's teaching ladies how to elegantly eat a banana when in polite company.

The model, thought to live in Marbella, captioned the video "banana rules."

First she picks up the fruit and eats the traditional way—by peeling the skin.

She said: "How to eat a banana correctly? If the meal is informal, you can simply peel the banana and gradually eat it."

But then in horrifying scenes she grabs some cutlery, as she films herself putting the yellow fruit on a plate and using utensils to remove the skin and cut slices.

She explained: "When a banana is eaten with a fork, the banana is peeled completely (the skin goes onto the edge of the plate) and cut into slices a few at a time. From the left to the right."

The clip, shared earlier today, has attracted more than one million views, as people expressed their outrage.

"Note to self: Don't eat a banana in public," Tanatswa wrote.

While Hair asked: "Who's eating bananas at a formal occasion lol."

Agreeing, JohnnyJohnny said: "If I'm at a formal event and they're serving bananas I'm leaving."

Bella Ti pointed out: "People are going to look at you for eating a banana with a knife and fork - but not because it is ladylike."

Delilah admitted: "If someone did this in front of me I'd think they're crazy."

Shrija Thakoerdat confessed: "I'd rather never eat a banana than do this?"

Horrified, Highbabe commented: "The world has literally gone mad at this point."

Lubomir Blajev commented: "If I see my date doing that I'll run."

While Fiona Catherine added: "This is the weirdest way to eat a banana ever."

And Karin Bitoova responded: "Where exactly, on what occasion, would you have to eat a banana like this? I'm curious, no sarcasm."

Stock image of a banana
Stock image of a banana. A woman has sparked outrage after eating the yellow fruit with a knife and fork. MSPhotographic/Getty Images

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