Woman Claims We've Been Slicing Cake Wrong—Here's the Proper Way to Do It

A celebration isn't complete without a cake: birthdays, weddings, leaving parties and graduations all require something sweet.

Although it's common for the guest of honour to cut the first slice, it turns out the traditional method of dividing up a cake might be wrong.

A woman called Tiarna Eaton shared a clip to TikTok after watching a video that claimed to show the proper way to dish out slices.

She wrote: "Does anyone actually do this? Apparently we have been doing this wrong the whole time."

Tiarna shared a clip from the 5-Minute Crafts channel on YouTube, showing someone preparing to serve up a circular cake.

Rather than cutting triangles from the centre, they make seven cuts, producing 14 slices of cake.

More than 5.4 million people have watched the TikTok clip, as debate raged in the comments over the method—and the resulting slices.

"But they are not all the same size!! The first two are bigger," Sarah wrote.

Another TikToker, Osi.Anna, fumed: "Not every piece has the outside frosting on it though. You need the extra frosting from the sides!"

Agreeing, Deigoba said: "Na man... if I get a piece without icing / frosting down the side I'm gonna be livid."

Hannah posted: "But the pieces aren't equal anymore. I could never."

Dominic Beard895 wrote: "Well that's just not a big enough piece!! No no no no."

Some commenters swore by the cake slicing hack, however. Caitlin Black wrote: "We did this at the bakery I worked at. Works a treat."

Clearly converted, Shue Yang posted: "Kinda smart though."

Sunlight declared: "I actually like this and will do it this way from now on! I learn soo much from TikTok."

The method can also be seen on 5-Minute Craft's YouTube page, where the clip is called: "Simple and Delicious Food Tricks From Chefs to Beginners: Dessert Ideas and Party Recipes." The video has been watched more than 2.6 million times.

Another TikTok clip about family celebrations went viral this week, after a father-to-be could not hide his disappointment at his child's gender reveal party.

The family, who live in Australia, had gathered in the back yard for a gender reveal using a giant balloon.

The pregnant woman bursts the huge black inflatable—and pink confetti and tiny blush balloons tumble out.

But her partner seems irritated by the news that they're expecting a girl, as he throws the rest of the balloon on the ground and swears.

The clip has since been viewed more than 470,000 times, with one person calling his reaction "priceless."

Stock image of a cake
Stock image of a white chocolate and strawberry yogurt cake—but has it been sliced correctly? October22/Getty iStock