'Wonky' Gingerbread Men Go Viral After a Dad Tries to Make a Cookie Cutter

A woman has shared her dad's hilarious attempt to make her a cookie cutter, with some people claiming they never want to eat a standard gingerbread man again.

The baker, thought to be called Jess, shared a clip to her TikTok page Bardtard, reminiscing about the time her father threw out her baking supplies.

To make it up to his daughter, he didn't head to the store to buy a cookie cutter. He grabbed some tools and material and made one himself.

The freestyle figurine was a little out of proportion and ended up producing "wonky" cookies—but they are going down a storm online and in person.

Sharing photos of the finished product, Jess, who is thought to live in Canada, said: "Thinking about the time my dad felt bad because he threw out my cookie cutters, so he went to the garage and made one for me."

The clip—captioned "The cookies are a mega hit among everyone now"—has been watched more than 12.7 million times since it was uploaded on Monday.

Jess has even changed her TikTok account's tagline to reflect the now-famous cookies. It now reads: "You came for the wonky gingerbread, but you can stay for the wonky content."

The video prompted an outpouring of praise for her father, with commenters suggesting that the cookie cutter should become a family heirloom or that he should go into business making them.

TikToker Hayden wrote: "I'm scream laughing."

Alexandra Lizzi posted: "Please get a tattoo of that."

Courtney said the gingerbread man reminded her of Japanese animation: "Like a studio Ghibli character."

KiiKIi reckoned: "This is now a family heirloom."

Ryan thought: "Start a business selling these."

Tanya Luxenburg had the same idea, writing: "Omgg. These need to be mass produced because I never want a regular gingerbread man ever again."

Casey Tolleson posted: "I would keep that for a lifetime and make them for my children."

Some commenters even said they shed a tear over the dad's gesture, with Blondie Hurricane writing: "I'm literally sobbing that's so sweet."

Allison said: "Stop I'm actually tearing up this is so sweet."

Jess, who is thought to work in events planning, replied: "You all have to understand my relationship with my dad isn't perfect either, but I love him for this."

The perfectly imperfect gingerbread men are not the only sweet treat to go viral recently, after a woman claimed we are all cutting cakes wrong.

Tiarna Eaton shared a clip to TikTok after watching a YouTube video that claimed to show the proper way to slice up a circular cake.

"Apparently we have been doing this wrong the whole time," she said.

She shared a clip from the 5-Minute Crafts channel on YouTube, showing someone preparing to serve up a circular cake. Rather than cutting triangles from the centre, the person makes seven cuts, producing 14 slices of cake.

More than 6.9 million people have watched the TikTok clip, with debate raging in the comments over the method—and the resulting slices.

One commenter, Deigoba, said: "Na man... if I get a piece without icing / frosting down the side I'm gonna be livid."

Stock image of gingerbread men
Stock image of gingerbread men. TikTok user Jess prefers the "wonky" bakes produced by her homemade cookie cutter. Jeffrey Hamilton/Getty Images