Family Tricks Man Into Thinking He Got PS5 for Christmas in 'Pure Evil' Prank

The soul-crushing moment a man realized the PlayStation 5 his family bought him for Christmas was little more than a cardboard box full of books has been captured in a shocking prank video shared to TikTok.

Demand for Sony's flagship console has proven fierce over the festive season and while some eagle-eyed gamers have been able to take advantage of some last-minute PS5 restocks in recent days others have been left empty-handed.

So much so, in fact, that according to, the phrase "No PS5" even began trending on social media over Christmas with fans taking to platforms like Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Still, it could be worse. Imagine thinking you had landed one of the in-demand games systems only to discover, to your shock and horror, that you've actually ended up the target of a cruel prank played on you by your family.

That's the scenario being showcased in one video that first came to light after being shared to TikTok by Jason Moments.

In the clip, a young man is shown carefully sliding off the wrapping on a rectangular shaped gift.

The minute he gets a glimpse of the blue and white Sony logo, the man erupts in screams of excitement and is filmed dashing out of the room and down the corridor in sheer delight.

His response is being filmed by several different members of his own family. He soon returns to where the gift lies telling them "let's go hard!" in excitement at the hours of gaming that likely now lie ahead.

However, when he returns to where the PS5 box lies, it quickly becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. Lifting the box up, he looks inside only to discover books and an assortment of other objects inside where the console should be.

His family erupts in laughter while the man is shown standing up before looking furiously off into the distance. The clip ends with viewers unclear as to whether the man ended up receiving the console he so desperately craved. The video, which was posted on Monday, can be watched here.


Nah he was actually hurt 😅 @therealvanne

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Newsweek has contacted Moments to find out more about the story behind the video. The clip, meanwhile, has been causing quite a stir on TikTok, where it has already been viewed over 630,000 times, with viewers hitting out at the family over their cruel deception.

Vibxs._ accused them of inflicting "emotional damage" while Darren Punzalan branded their actions "sad."

"I never get these pranks," Sasuke De Niro wrote. "It's just bad." Factionsgrim commented: "Only do this if you're going to actually give them it after. My dad did it to me with a TV and hid it in my room."

Kalybaly suspected that would be the case anyway, writing: "I am sure he'll be getting one for real with the sadness that comes after such expectation."

Even so, for many the cruelty of it all was too much. Officialseedy noted that the man appeared to be "holding back the tears" as the video ended while hehehe called it a "pure evil crime."

This isn't the first time a prank video has sparked controversy, of course.

Earlier this December, a video of a man pouring coffee off a balcony onto people below drew criticism online while another viral TikTok clip saw a father-in-law explode with rage after his daughter-in-law deliberately put salt in his cup of tea.

A PS5 and a man opening presents.
The Sony PlayStation 5 on the first day of its launch on November 12, 2020 / Stock image of a man opening Christmas presents. One man’s reaction to the cruelest of Christmas pranks has gone viral. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / bernardbodo/Getty