'Fear Street: 1666': How Ending Opened up Franchise Opportunity

The Fear Street movies followed a legend that stretched back as far as 1666. The final film answered some very important questions about why Shadyside has had a dark cloud resting over it for centuries.

The final Netflix film of the trilogy not only focused on the events of 1666, but also explored how what was learned there could save the town.

Fear Street: 1666 also had a surprising ending, with one mid-credits moment suggesting more could come from the small town.

Ahead are some spoilers for Fear Street: 1666 and the previous two movies, Fear Street: 1994 and Fear Street: 1978.

How Mid-Credit Scene Could Signal More 'Fear Street' Movies

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Before the mid-credits suggested more Fear Street films could be on the way, the people of Shadyside made a massive discovery.

When Deena (Kiana Madeira) connected Sarah Fier's hand and body, she was transported to 1666 to a vision of what happened to Sarah.

In that vision, which saw many of the Shadysiders we had met in previous movies return, Sarah discovers the real reason behind the curse on Shadyside, then known as Union.

Sarah (who in flashback is also played by Madeira) is accused of witchcraft along with her friend Hannah (Olivia Scott Welch) after their town suddenly starts to experience a curse, with their water poisoned and food going rotten.

These two are at the center of suspicion after they are caught having a dalliance in the woods.

As Sarah flees from those hunting her, she takes refuge with her friend Solomon, who fans will recognize as Sheriff Nick Goode (Ashley Zukerman) who plays this part in her vision.

However, as she tries to uncover who has cursed their home, she realizes Solomon is behind it, having made a deal with the devil to hand over residents of their settlement in exchange for power and prestige.

Deena finds herself back in 1994, and realizes it is the sheriff's family who has been making the deal with the devil for generations, causing people in Shadyside, the affected half of the previous Union settlement, to go on murderous killing sprees.

As a result, Sunnyvale has thrived while Shadyside has not over time, with more of their residents suffering under the weight of the curse.

Deena, with the help of her brother Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.) and previous escapee Ziggy (Gillian Jacobs) they go on the hunt for the sheriff, risking their lives at the hand of his minions over generations.

Using everything from glow-in-the-dark paint to blood and clever traps, eventually it is Deena vs. the Sheriff under the Shadyside Mall, where it all started.

After an intense battle, she triumphs, and the town of Shadyside slowly begins to thrive, while those in Sunnyvale see crimes now plaguing their town.

But, judging by the credits, the journey does not stop there.

In the middle of the credits for Fear Street: 1666, new scenes were interspersed with the names of the cast and production team.

These scenes took the audience back under the Shadyside Mall, to the place where the Goode family had forged their deal with the devil.

They used a sacred book stolen by The Widow in 1666, which remained at the crime scene.

However, hands appeared and took the book away, showing someone else may have their eyes on a new deal.

This could mean we revisit Shadyside with a new curse, and in a conversation with Newsweek, Madeira did not rule it out, though confirmed there were no talks taking place currently.