Fury After Fiancée Confesses to Sleeping With Dying Ex As His 'Final Wish'

A fiancée's decision to grant an ex-boyfriend's dying wish was criticized online, after her current partner shared exactly what it was.

According to the partner, who took to Reddit to share his upset in a popular post, the fiancée decided to spend one final night with the ex, who has since recently passed away. They were together for six years and split up two years prior to her current relationship.

The fiancée has remained "distant" since the funeral and refused to make eye contact, leading the current partner to simply suspect she was grieving the loss of her ex. However, he wrote in the post, he found her crying at home and she confessed her actions.

According to statistics, just less than half of people say they have had sex with an ex, with 44 percent admitting to the deed in an Adam and Eve survey. For this engaged woman, however, the story was a little less straightforward than a drunken indiscretion or late night text.

"She started talking about him and his illness and who was there for him/who wasn't etc. She then told me she was contacted by him three weeks before his death asking to see her. She said she felt hesitant but then went," the poster said.

"What she said next shook me, she said he told her about stopping his treatment for a while and how he felt alone and discouraged. He proceeded to ask if she could spend one night with him as his 'final wish' before he passed on. She said she thought about it a lot and felt conflicted but eventually agreed," he wrote.

The fiancée confessed to sleeping with her ex but claimed she did not feel anything for him and simply did it out of guilt.

"She keeps pleading with me to be understanding of the position she was put in and not wanting to dismiss his request in his last days," wrote the partner.

"I still don't think it's an excuse to do what she did. She said it wasn't about her or how she felt but about him. I still feel like she's wronged me and betrayed my trust and damaged the bond we have together."

Couple in photobooth
Stock image of a couple in a photobooth. A fiancée's decision to grant an ex-boyfriend's dying wish was criticized online, after her current partner shared exactly what it was. Getty Images

Although the partner admits to being hesitant about whether he should forgive her, but is edging towards being unable to, Reddit users were far more decided—and it isn't looking good for the woman.

"She's not the Ronald McDonald house, she doesn't have to be out there granting wishes," wrote one user.

"If I were in your shoes, I couldn't forgive her. Loyalty shows in moments like this, and she didn't have it," added another.

Another Reddit user agreed, writing: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission. She wanted it or she would have not done it. It's simple, don't complicate it. Good luck."

Others highlighted that she cheated on him, regardless of the context of the ex's health.

"She cheated on you. Doesn't really matter the context," wrote one. "That was a scumbag request of his if he knew you were together and an utterly scummy move of her to grant it. I would leave her if I were in your shoes."

"A person cheating because they develop feelings towards a person is bad and inexcusable," agreed one Reddit user. "A person cheating in the absence of feelings is even worse. Her explanation saying that she didn't feel anything is case in point. That means that she doesn't have to feel anything to break boundaries."

"You should definitely leave her," they advised.

The current partner has not yet updated the post on his plan of action, but confirmed that he still feels upset by the entire situation.

"I may not have acted the best way at the time but I just wanted her to know how wrong this is and how broken my trust in her is right now," he shared.

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