'FIFA 22' Closed Beta: When Will the Preview Start?

Disappointed fans have been trying to log into the FIFA 22 Beta, only to be confronted with a message that prevents them from playing.

Is the 'FIFA' 22 Beta Working?

Although the soccer sim is not out for another couple of months, selected gamers can preview it via today's (August 12) closed beta. Through this, you will be able to trial new features that have been added to the long-running franchise's latest installment, such as the ability to create your own club in a revamped version of career mode.

Given that this is a closed beta—rather than an open one—only those who are eligible to participate will be able to download it. Publisher EA has already sent out codes to those lucky individuals, so if you haven't yet received an invite for today's preview don't get your hopes up.

Even those who were sent codes have been reporting that they can't properly access the beta. While these players were able to download and launch the file itself, once they try to get into a match they are confronted with a message that instructs them to sign in with a relevant account.

Does it say the same for you guys on fifa 22 beta #fifabeta pic.twitter.com/zuY4BkDoY6

— razz (@itsrazzhd) August 11, 2021

This has caused a great deal of frustration for the beta testers, as they are already logged in to the right account, yet all the menu options remain greyed out for them. Many have speculated that this is a network error or a server issue that EA Vancouver will need to fix, but in actual fact the beta is functioning as intended, it just hasn't started yet.

When Does the 'FIFA 22' Beta Start?

While the FIFA 22 beta is currently available to download—as long as you have one of the codes—it has yet to launch. As such, you will need to wait until the official start time before you can play a match.

This is when the beta launches in each time zone.

  • Eastern Time (ET): August 12, 1 p.m.
  • Pacific Time (PT): August 12, 10 a.m.
  • British Summer Time (BST): August 12, 6 p.m.

If you missed your opportunity to join the first beta, there is still a chance to join the second one, which will be running on Wednesday, August 25.

To register your interest, you will first need to create an EA account on the publisher's website.

Once you have done that, head into your settings and update your "email preferences" to specify that you're interested in receiving future updates about FIFA. You can do this by adding the title to your list of "preferred games."

Make sure you also tick the box that reads: "Yes, email me about EA's products, new events and promotions consistent with the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy."

It's worth noting that the closed beta is exclusively running on PlayStation and Xbox right now, so that could potentially be a barrier to entry for some fans if they are still struggling to get their hands on either next-gen console.

In related news, EA revealed more about the upcoming Madden NFL 22 in one of its recent spotlight broadcasts.

Kylian Mbappé in FIFA 22
Image shows Kylian Mbappé in 'FIFA 22.' The first closed beta for the sports game will launch on August 12 at 1 p.m. ET. EA Games