Florida Gator With Rotting Coyote Clamped in Its Jaws Shocks Tourists

A Florida alligator swimming past with the remains of a coyote clamped in its jaw is horrifying people online.

Airboat tour captain, Chris Miller, captured the incredible footage as he took tourists around the swamps.

Miller, who indicates he works for company Spirit of the Swamp, based in Kissimmee, Florida, shared a video from one of the tours. In the video, he turns the engine off after the group spot a gator beneath the water.

"A dinosaur," says one woman, referring to the alligator, as they scramble to film the spectacle.

But, it's not just the gator which has attracted attention, as fur can clearly be seen sticking out of the reptile's powerful jaws.

Miller confirms "coyote," as the gator swims past underwater, dragging the rotting remains of the mammal behind it.

The coyote spotted by Chris Miller.
Image of the coyote spotted by Chris Miller. He captured the gator, which he calls Tripod, with his unusual meal. @cmillerusa

In a follow-up clip, Miller said: "For all you guys who weren't sure if it was a deer or a coyote, check out this," as he shared another angle clearly showing the coyote's head.

Speaking to Newsweek, Miller confirmed the mammal isn't part of the gator's usual diet.

He said: "It's pretty uncommon to see an alligator with a coyote. Their main diet is fish. However they will go after small game as well. Normally animals that are deer size or smaller. I'm guessing this coyote had came down to the waters edge for a drink in the gator just so happened to be waiting there."

Miller uploaded both videos to his TikTok page last month, where the original has already been watched more than 12 million times.

Both were deemed so gory the social media site added a warning to the videos, saying: "This video may contain disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised."

It was revealed that the gator has been dubbed "Tripod," due to the fact it only has three legs. It is also blind in one eye.

Separate videos show Miller filming the large gator in the swamp, as he pointed out it's missing leg on its front right-hand side.

"Finally we have a good view of #Tripod and his missing leg," he captioned the clip.

Another angle showed off Tripod's damaged eye, which appears red.

"A good look at #Tripod bad eye.. creepy looking," Miller captioned the clip, as he can be heard chatting about it in the background.

The coyote spotted by Chris Miller.
Image of the coyote spotted by Chris Miller. Miller confirmed the reptiles usually eat fish, but this one got lucky. @cmillerusa

"Check out his old messed up eye. Old Tripod we call him, his eye is all messed up right there, he blind in that eye."

When asked how long the tail is, Miller replied saying he thought it was five or six feet long.

People have reacted in shock and awe at the incredible sight, with Kaston(KJ) writing: "Nightmare fuel."

While AlwaysKay thought: "I know this is how life is but it's still sad to see."

Estevan added: "Another reason I hate water."

DeerMulletArmy admitted: "I thought it was a deer until I realized the paws."

Update 6/1/21, 3 a.m. ET: This article was updated with comment from Chris Miller.