Huge Alligator Gets Comfortable Outside of Front Door in Viral TikTok

Alligators seemingly taking over Florida properties is common for this time of year. In the last month alone, they have been spotted crossing a street, swimming in a pool and even strolling in a supermarket parking lot.

But one teen got quite the shock when he discovered an enormous alligator laying on his porch, blocking the front door.

TikTok user @javi.her, who goes by Javi on the platform, posted about his terrifying reptilian encounter on Thursday. It has since been viewed well over 1 million times and liked by over 820,000 viewers.

The video starts out calmly, with Javi making a face at the camera as if something is displeasing to him. He then turns the camera to show the partially obstructed view of a huge alligator outside his front door.

Javi includes additional home security footage, which gives a clearer look at the massive gator. He does not appear to be aggressive, but certainly seems content to remain put in front of the door.

The TikTok ends with Javi stuck in his room, overlaying the footage with the text, "coming to detain it [with a typed sad face]," although it is not immediately clear whether law enforcement or animal control was called to the house.

Javi captioned the post with a lyric from the song "Castaways" by The Backyardigans heard in the video: "we indeed are stuck where we are." He also appears to nickname the gator "Chompy" in one of the video's hashtags.

Viewers were shocked at the size of the alligator that Javi's front porch unwittingly hosted.

"Tell me you live in Florida, without telling me you live in Florida," one viewer remarked.

Dozens joked about potential reasons the alligator went to Javi, ranging from a casual visit to business discussions.

"Okay but he's literally just asking about about your [vehicle's] extended warranty let him in," one proposed. "He [just] wanna know if you wanna buy some [Girl Scout] cookies," another joked.

Javi even responded: "I mean a box of Thin Mints in exchange for my leg is a steal."


footage of the cutie that decided to lay rest at my front door #fl #gator #chompy #pt2

♬ stream twerk it by busta rhymes and nicki minaj - roman reloaded

Javi also uploaded another video on Sunday, with footage his household's digital doorbell picked up when it sensed movement in front of the house.

In the second video, the massive animal is seen walking across the front lawn toward the house. Although the doorbell is too high to capture the gator's full body when it approaches the door, its long tail is visible in the bottom corner.

Viewers found the end of the video to be hilarious, as someone in the house is seen opening the front door without knowing the alligator is outside. The individual, identified by Javi as his stepfather in the comments, promptly closes the door and walks away.

"[He] really said see you later alligator," one viewer joked. "[He] said I'm not doing this today," another humorously wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Javi for comment, but he did not respond in time for publication. It was also not immediately clear how long the alligator remained on the porch.

Florida alligator blocks home's front door
While this Florida alligator was caught in a residential river, another was recently spotted on a home security system laying comfortably on a home's front porch. Robert King/Newsmakers/Getty Images

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