Florida Woman Had Parts of Her Feet Amputated After Suffering a Small Cut During a Salon Pedicure

A Florida woman was forced to have parts of both feet amputated after a pedicure went wrong.

Lisa Scarborough went into shock when she was cut by the nail technician's scissors during the procedure. The incident in La Mer Nail Salon in Melbourne, Florida, left her in a coma, while a lack of blood supply to her hands and feet has forced her to have several amputations—including half her left foot and the toes on her right foot.

She told reporters at WESH News she was near death after the accident and recalled hearing her dead brother's voice. "He was saying to my mother, 'Lisa's coming, mom! Lisa's coming!'" she said.

While Scarborough is readjusting and only just starting to walk again, the nail salon's insurance company has been told they do not have to pay compensation for the damages.

In spite of the fact that the summary judgement ruled the nail salon was responsible for Scarborough's injuries, it said the insurance company does not have to pay up because the salon did not have professional liability insurance—i.e. insurance that covers the actions of its employers. This includes the actions of a nail technician using scissors.

In light of this, Scarborough's legal advisors recommended she not pursue the salon for compensation.

A Florida woman suffered a coma and had to get parts of her feet amputated after a small cut at a nail salon left her in shock. Justin Sullivan/Getty

According to the nonprofit Amputee Coalition, there are close to 2 million people in the U.S. living with an amputated limb and around 185,000 amputations take place each year. The main cause of amputation is vascular disease like diabetes and peripheral arterial disease (54 percent), trauma (45 percent) and cancer (under 2 percent).

A lack of blood supply to the extremities like Scarborough describes can lead to amputation because a lack of oxygen and nutrients can cause the tissue to die, leading to infection and gangrene.

Gangrene can be particularly dangerous because it can spread to other parts of the body—and if left untreated, can be life-threatening. Gangrene is what caused Marie Trainer from Stark County, Ohio, to have her arms and legs amputated after she contracted a bacterial infection from her dog's lick.

In another rare and unusual case, a 71-year-old man had to have his hand amputated after developing a deep purple blister. The blister was caused by an infection from a bacteria called vibrio vulnificus, which can be found in seawater. In this instance, is thought the bacteria entered the man's body in the sushi he ate but can also enter the body if infected water touches a scratch or open wound.