Floyd Mayweather Hits Back at Logan Paul Fight Critics—'Kids Can't Eat Legacy'

Floyd Mayweather has clapped back at critics of his exhibition fight with Logan Paul.

The boxing legend exchanged blows with the YouTube star-turned-boxer on Sunday night at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.

The bout, which went on for the full eight rounds, saw Mayweather face some backlash from critics who questioned the impact the fight would have on his legacy.

Mayweather retired in 2017 with a 50-0 professional record, including 27 via knockout.

"They say 'it's not all about the money,'" the 44-year-old boxing legend said at the post-fight conference. "Well, kids can't eat legacy, they eat off the currency. I believe in building generational wealth, that's what's important to me, generational wealth."

Mayweather revealed he had made a staggering $30 million for the patches on his boxing trunks, meaning sponsorships, adding that he has nailed the art of "legalized bank robbing."

"If you guys don't wanna see me do no exhibitions, don't come," he added. "Don't watch. When it comes to legalized bank robbing, I'm the best."

"I don't care if y'all write good stories, I don't care if y'all write bad stories. At the end of the day I will always have the last laugh," he said.

Mayweather's exhibition bout against social media star Paul, 26, did not have an official winner in line with the fight's rules.

While there was no knockout declared during the match, some fans took to social media to say otherwise.

A clip went viral on Twitter which appeared to show Paul fall onto Mayweather after he delivered a close-contact blow. Mayweather appears to catch Paul instead of letting him fall to the floor.

The video was watched over a million times and shared thousands of times.

Overall, the showdown appeared to have left fans feeling unfulfilled as many mocked the constant "hugging" that took place. The comments were made in reference to Paul frequently holding on to Mayweather to avoid punches.

Some viewers even went on to say they would demand their money back for the pay-per-view special.

Prior to the fight, Paul had stepped into the ring with fellow YouTube sensation KSI twice. The first bout was deemed a draw but the second ended in a KSI victory.

KSI, real name Olajide Olatunji, weighed in on the match on social media shortly after, claiming he was now the "best boxer in the world."

Fans also joined in, agreeing with the star, as they explained that because Paul held up until the final bell and Olatunji had previously defeated Paul, he was technically worthy of the declaration.

Mayweather and Paul went head-to-head on Sunday
Floyd Mayweather exchanges blows with Logan Paul (yellow shorts) during their contracted exhibition boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium on June 06, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images