Flynn's Cooperation in Russia Investigation Falsely Blamed on Jews and the Media by Far-Right Conspiracists

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn has reportedly offered his cooperation in the special counsel's Russia investigation. If ABC News is to be believed, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser is specifically prepared to testify that the president directed him to reach out to the Russians, "initially as a way to work together to fight ISIS in Syria."

Well, this news is unsettling for some of Trump's fans on the far-right end of the political spectrum. Some of them are currently storming through the Internet, looking for a scapegoat—any scapegoat at all, really—upon whom they can heap blame for this particular turn of events. Jewish people, who are among the primary targets of alt-right abuse on social media, have taken quite a bit of the heat so far, and Democrats, the media and Barack Obama have also been targeted with wrath.

One of these abusers is Jared Wyand, a Trump mega-fan who accumulated a huge following on Twitter during the election—only to be banned for calling Star Wars: Rogue One part of a Jewish conspiracy in December of last year (yes, really)—who posts into the void on Gab, a social media website that hosts large numbers of neo-fascist, Nazi, and white supremacist users. He let his followers know that he thought the Jews were not only responsible for this Star Wars-related plot, but also for the bad news about Flynn.

"Not that any of this is anywhere near criminal but here is Zionism at the center again," Wyand mused on the alt-right's favorite social media site. "I wonder (((who))) was pestering Trump admin for this information." (Far-right social media users put triple parenthesis around words—"who," in this case—to connote Jewishness.)

Perhaps Wyand worried that his statement went over people's heads, so less than half an hour after that post, he went back to the well, posting a meme that read: "YOU CAN'T MAKE A COUNTRY GREAT WITH JEWS INVOLVED."

Daily Stormer, a sophomoric, neo-Nazi website infamous for posting racist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic screeds, also tried to blame Jewish people for the news about Flynn.

"The kikes really hated Flynn and wanted him off the administration at all costs," a blogger named Adrian Sol mused on the site. "He was a prominent advocate of prosecuting Hilary [sic] Clinton, and regularly made strong anti-Islam comments. Exactly the kind of guy we would have wanted Trump to have by his side."

On Gateway Pundit, a well-trafficked far-right website that helped promote the conspiracy theory that "antifa" was breeding super-soldiers who were being unleashed to kill white people, the "Democrat media" was blamed for Flynn's cooperation.

"Once again—this verdict has NOTHING TO DO with Trump-Russia collusion," blogger Jim Hoft insisted in a post that clocks in at under 100 words. "It's just a way for the Democrat media and Deep State to erase an election and eliminate Donald Trump."

Underneath the post, the comments expand upon Hoft's musings: "FIGHT THIS CONSERVATIVES, the media is already twisting this, even Trump instructing him to contact Russia.....this is coup, planned by CIA, FBI and Obama, They got caught and are now trying to railroad the right. It is time to rise up and not let them do this," a user identified as JMMCali wrote. Another commenter added that the media planned this to distract from the "good press" that Trump has received for his tax plan. "Am I the only one who finds the timing a bit coincidental?" a commenter identified as LizzyP wrote on Gateway Pundit. "Tax vote imminent, good press, gotta distract."

According to one InfoWars writer—the same man who was responsible for starting the fake news story that "antifa" was plotting civil war on November 4—America's deep state operations are actually trying to persecute Trump for wanting to "destroy ISIS."

"Trump wanted to avoid war with Russia and destroy ISIS," InfoWars writer and frequent Alex Jones sidekick Paul Joseph Watson mused on Twitter. "Bombshell scandal! Treason! Impeach!"