Food Influencer's Hack to Revive Stale Bread Blows Minds on the Internet

The internet is going crazy for a food influencer's hack to revive stale bread.

At some point or another, most bread lovers have likely been frustrated with the food's short shelf life. Stored at room temperature, bread typically lasts just three to four days if it is homemade or up to seven days if it is store-bought before growing mold, according to Healthline. But it can go stale much faster, leaving a tough, dry morsel, hardly a shell of its fresh original form.

"Today I'm going to show you how to revive stale bread," said blogger Katie Lolas in her now-viral video posted Tuesday. Lolas lives in Sydney, Australia, and shares advice for healthy habits, food and fitness on her social media accounts. Her Instagram reel featuring the bread hack has been viewed 88,000 times.

"All you have to do is pour water over the bread to ensure the crust is wet and then place it in the oven at 160 degrees for around 6 minutes," Lolas explained while demonstrating with a stale loaf of bread.

The internet is going crazy for a food influencer’s hack to revive stale bread. Some viewers shared how the trick had worked for their attempts to revive other baked goods as well. Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images North America

Sure enough, when she removed her bread from the oven and cut it open, it looked like a steaming fresh loaf. She showed off its malleable texture by squeezing the crust and pulling apart the soft bread inside.

"There you go, your loaf will be as good as new, moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside," she announced. "Give it a go—trust me, you'll see!"

Lolas told Newsweek that she learned the tip from her mom. "I assumed it was something that others knew how to do until a friend of mine asked me what I was doing when I was wetting an older loaf of bread," she said.

She reminded viewers not to try salvaging bread with any mold. "Throw it in your compost and move on," she said in her caption.

The blogger's audience applauded her hack in grateful comments.

"Witchcraft!" exclaimed one admirer.

"That's awesome!" agreed another. "Will definitely be giving this a go!"

Some viewers shared how the trick had worked for their attempts to revive other baked goods as well.

"This also works with scones," a comment said.

"I've done this with individual sourdough slices too," another home cook chimed in. "And put some crushed garlic and cheese on them. Perfect garlic bread."

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