Mom's Mandarin-Cutting Hack Takes Internet by Storm: 'Whole Life Was a Lie'

A viral hack has been taking over online as just the latest "life-changing" food cutting hack to be birthed by TikTok.

The hack shows a mess-free method of cutting and peeling mandarins without actually having to peel them. As a quick and easy method, it's been earning praise online.

TikTok user Brittany Roper took to the app with a video on April 29, which has since gained over 1.8 million views and 160,000 likes. Using the popular "show me a life hack" audio, she demonstrated the way she cuts mandarins. The video can be seen here.

It's important to note that this hack will likely only work on mandarin oranges and not regular oranges. Despite Roper calling them oranges in the post, she later clarified in a comment that she was cutting mandarins but refers to them as "cutie oranges" in Texas.

She simply sliced the fruit in half and popped the center out, causing all the segments to poke out of the peel perfectly, meaning no peeling required and making it completely mess-free on the hands.

"If you cut it stem to bottom you'll have full slices come out the same way," recommended a viewer in a popular comment. In a follow-up video, Roper tried the hack with this cutting method and it manufactured impressive results, producing full segments of the fruit.

With so many views, the hack was met with welcome arms on the app as users vowed to try it out for themselves.

"I'm learning more on this app than I ever did in school," wrote one user.

"I need to try that," commented a TikTok viewer.

"My whole life was a lie," added another.

Newsweek has contacted Brittany Roper for comment.

It certainly isn't the first food-based hack to dispel out of TikTok, with the app seemingly birthing a never-ending rotation of tips and tricks when it comes to cooking.

In April, a broccoli-cutting hack went viral on the app as a British woman showed the unique way she cuts broccoli after cooking. The technique completely omits the mess-producing aspect of cutting broccoli while raw.

TikTok user @steph2302 recommended to dunk the whole head of broccoli upside down in the pot of boiling water, allowing for it to cook. Once cooked, she removed the vegetable from the pot and easily sliced off the cooked florets in one.

In 2021, a mom went viral on TikTok for her food-related hack which saw her use a hand-mixer to shred chicken easily. In place of the laborious task of hand shredding cooked chicken, she simply placed it into a bowl and used a hand mixer to break it up into small pieces.

"I've been using this method for a year now, [but] I can't remember how I started it," she said, after TikTok users dubbed the hack "genius."

Peeled mandarin
Stock image of mandarin fruit. Getty Images