Former Police Officers 'Openly Plotting' To Kill BLM Activist Shaun King

An investigation has been launched after members of a Facebook group for California law enforcement officers were found to be allegedly planning to kill Shaun King, an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement and other social causes.

In an article written for Medium, featuring screenshots of a discussion among members of the group, King said: "Inside of a private Facebook group for California Law Enforcement Officers, members of the group were openly plotting and planning my assassination."

"Who do you call to report the misconduct of current or retired law enforcement officers? Because I lack confidence in any law enforcement system to handle this, I feel the burden to release this publicly for my own safety and for the safety of my family," he said.

The Facebook group includes three former officers of the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD). The department has shared the information from the latest incident with its investigations bureau for "further review and recommendations for a criminal investigation." The FBI will be also assisting the department with the matter, the LBPD confirmed in a statement.

The former LBPD officers involved include Laura Tartaglione (who worked at the LBPD until May 15, 1997), Jeffrey Garcia (who worked there until June 27, 2014) and Mary Jensen (who worked there until May 1, 1993), the department confirmed.

The LBPD also confirmed one of its current employees has the same name as a member of this Facebook group but added: "This employee is not involved in the online group."

"We also have no information indicating that any other LBPD employees are involved in this situation," the department said in the statement.

At least 12 individual Facebook accounts posted messages in the group thread, many of which received a "thumbs up" reaction from other users, according to the screenshots shared by King.

A private Facebook group of law enforcement officers is literally plotting to kill me.

We included screenshots, links, names, and details here.

If you have any details about these threats, or other credible threats, email

— Shaun King (@shaunking) June 25, 2020

The conversation was reported to have started with Tartaglione, who wrote: "I think California needs to start putting a team together of retired military, police, and NRA. These criminals that the Democrats created need to be stopped."

Facebook user John Houchens posted: "Shaun King needs to be put down."

User Roy Brokaw wrote: "I'm with you brothers and sisters for justice. And I'll be there. Tell me when and where. Does anyone know where this Shaun King can be found?"

Another user, Chris Sanford, posted: "Toss this guy from a helicopter."

Jerry De Rosa, reported to be a retired Los Angeles Police Department officer, posted: "Need a sniper."

Jeffrey Garcia, another LBPD retiree, wrote: "I am ready to rock and roll — let's get it going boys and girls."

Tartaglione then wrote: "Organize it Jeff," while Garcia replied, "Roger that Laura."

User Billy Dishman wrote: "Let's get it going. I'm in."

Another user, Henry Martinez, posted an image of a man with a gun and wrote: "Yes, some of us may be old, but we still have a sharp eye and a steady hand...and some of these Anti Americans need to be set straight!"

King noted that he has received death threats on a daily basis for years, "but what we found in this private Facebook group is altogether different.

"These were men and women, in a private group that they had no idea I'd ever see, using their real names and identities, openly plotting to kill me and organizing each other to execute it," he wrote.

A message from the #LBPD regarding potential threats of violence to @shaunking. Read below ⬇️

— Long Beach PD (CA) (@LBPD) June 25, 2020

The thread of the Facebook group was reported to have grown since Tuesday, the day when King was first informed about this Facebook group.

"We thought this was an isolated incident, but since this, we've seen death threats against me spread all over the country in other private groups, on dozens of public pages, on conservative blogs, and more," King said.

The LBPD noted it is "appalled and deeply disturbed by the tone and content of the posts which in no way reflect the core values and professional standards held by the men and women in our organization."

"We are 100 percent committed to working in partnership with our community to ensure that all people are treated with respect and professionalism and will not tolerate any bias, racism or threats to individuals," the statement added.

Newsweek has contacted King and the LBPD for further comment and more information.

The latest incident comes amid ongoing demonstrations across the globe after George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, was killed during an arrest by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department. He was pinned to the ground with a knee to his neck.

The killing of Floyd sparked a resurgence of the BLM movement and renewed outcry against police brutality and racism.

Earlier this week, a police officer in North Carolina was fired after being caught on camera saying he "can't wait" to slaughter Black people and that a civil war was needed to wipe them out.

A Miami police officer was fired this week and is facing charges after he was seen in a video dragging a pregnant Black woman out of her car, kneeling on her neck and using his Taser on her twice.

Shaun King Bernie Sanders rally May2019
Shaun King introduces Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during a rally in the capital of his home state of Vermont on May 25, 2019 in Montpelier, Vermont. Getty Images