What Does the Crown in 'Fortnite' Chapter 3 Mean?

One of the new items in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is a golden crown that you can earn by performing well in battle royale matches, or that you can just steal from other players. Here is what the gilded trophy means and how to get one for yourself.

The new season of Fortnite (titled "Flipped") debuted on Sunday, December 5, shortly after Chapter 2's "The End" finale. It is probably the most substantial update that the game has received in the past year, introducing a brand-new island map, extra traversal abilities, revamped weapons, Spider-Man content, and the ability to carry over your gear between matches (via the use of storage tents).

Most of these features are explained on the menu screen and some have brief tutorials as well, but one that thing that "Flipped" does not really tell you about is the new crown system. You might have already noticed other players running around the map with a golden aura surrounding them — or you might even have one yourself —but it's not immediately clear what this means.

To help you wrap your head around the concept, here is everything you need to know about crowns in Fortnite Chapter 3.

What Is the Crown in 'Fortnite' Chapter 3?

Crowns are a new item in Fortnite that distinguish gamers who have performed well in their last match.

If you are wearing a crown yourself (incidentally, it is not a visible piece of head gear) there will be a symbol just above your weapon loadout to indicate this. Meanwhile, if somebody else is wearing a crown, they will essentially be glowing when you look at them.

You do not choose to equip these trophies, as they are automatically applied to anyone who is eligible. Whether you like it or not.

The main function of a crown is that it gives you bragging rights (signalling to the rest of the lobby that you've been a top player in previous matches) but it does also grant a unique status effect as well.

Fortnite Crown Status Effect
If you have a crown in "Fortnite", you will see an icon just above your loadout on the right hand side of the screen. You will also appear as though you are glowing to other players. Epic Games

What Does the Crown Do in 'Fortnite' Chapter 3?

With a crown active, you will get an XP boost for surviving storm phases and eliminating the competition (accelerating your progression through the battle pass).

On the other hand, you will also have a massive target painted on your back, as rival players will attempt to kill you so that they can steal the item for themselves. In other words, if you have a crown then the game becomes a lot harder, but you are fairly compensated for this difficulty spike with the prospect of greater rewards.

Speaking of which, if you manage to win a match with one of these trophies equipped, then you will get what is known as a "Crowned Victory Royale" (essentially a superior version of the standard "Victory Royale").

You will also unlock a new "Crowning Achievement" emote. With this reactive taunt, you can proudly display exactly how many Crowned Victory Royales you have earned in the current season, as seen in the image below.

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How To Get a Crown in 'Fortnite' Chapter 3

There are two ways to get a crown in Fortnite. The easiest method is just to defeat somebody else who already has one and then steal it from their corpse. If this is the route you choose to go down, then it's important to note that you can only have one crown at a time, so you're not going to be able to horde a collection of them for additional XP boosts.

If you don't want a second-hand crown though, and would rather earn one for yourself, then you will need to simply play well in Fortnite. If you ranked highly in your previous match, then you will start your next battle royale with a crown.

Here are the criteria for getting a crown in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1.

  • In Solo Matches: Place in the top four players
  • In Duos Matches: Place in the top two teams
  • In Trios Matches: Win the battle royale
  • In Squads Matches: Win the battle royale.

If you do any of the above, then you will start your next battle royale with a crown automatically equipped. This status will last until you are eventually killed.

Fortnite Crown Item
If you defeat another player who had a crown, then you will be able to loot it from their corpse. However, you can only hold one crown at a time. Epic Games