‘Fortnite’ Leaks Reveal Shopping Carts, Comet Mode & Sticky Grenades

Fortnite update 3.5 launched earlier this week, and with it comes inevitable leaks from data miners. We’ve covered the leaked cosmetics already, so now it’s time to discuss weapons, modes and potential vehicles. Here’s a quick recap of everything that’s been discovered.



According to a recent video from YouTube’s DieBuddiesZocken, Epic has added sound files pertaining to Shopping Carts. Carts have been buried in Fortnite since March, but new audio files suggest the feature’s development is continuing. There are about 15 clips for various states including skid loops, grabs and movement. Most critically, however, these samples appear in the “Vehicles” folder of the larger file system.

While that suspicious location is far from an official confirmation of anything, it’s potentially very telling. It suggests Shopping Carts might be the first rideable item to enter the Battle Royale arena. PUBG has cars, Radical Heights has bikes and now Fortnite may add carts. In practice they could function much like Breath Of The Wild’s shield-surfing traversal. That’s not quite as exciting as a truck might be, but it certainly serves a purpose. You can hear the files around the six-minute mark of the video.



In addition to locating the first audio evidence of Shopping Carts, DieBuddiesZocken has also unearthed Sticky Grenades in collaboration with Storm Shield One. The Sticky Grenade folder was recently added to the Battle Royale files and features four related files for “cup,” “dark,” “glow” and “lite.”

Fortnite Sticky Grenade placeholder 'Fortnite's Sticky Grenade is a grenade that sticks to whatever it hits. Miguel "Gator" Lozada @YouTube/Epic Games

Beyond that basic skeleton, there’s also a placeholder image shown above. The weapon’s described as something that “hurls a grenade that sticks to whatever it hits.” Fortnite’s designers have been making lots of tweaks to projectiles these days, so it’s no surprise we’ve found a new one buried in 3.5. The Port-a-Fort arrived a few days ago, and Smoke Grenades have been moved to the vault. Maybe the Impulse Grenade or Boogie Bomb will be swapped out if the Sticky ever arrives.



In the world of Fortnite leaks on Twitter, DieBuddies posted screenshots that reference a playlist for an unknown mode called Impact. We don’t yet know the mode’s rules or how it alters the Battle Royale formula, but the name is clearly visible.

Many Fortnite fans feel the Impact namesake has direct ties to the suspicious comet headed towards Titled Towers. After all, few objects have a greater physical impact than a comet smashing down through the depths of space. The comet keeps getting closer, and it’s even been captured by the new in-game Replay System. Maybe soon we’ll finally learn the true purpose behind this strange rock.

As with all data mines, it should be known that not everything found in a developing game will actually be implemented. These files surely exist, but there’s no guarantee Epic will make public use of them in a future update.

Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS. Read our latest Weekly Challenge guide here.

What are your thoughts on these new Fortnite leaks? Which of these three items are you most excited to see in action? Tell us in the comments section!

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