How to Touch a Cube in 'Fortnite' Season 8's Halloween Update

Dark Jonesy's Halloween questline in Fortnite has multiple stages, one of which asks you to interact with a cube anomaly.

For those who are not aware, these paranormal objects are the primary focus of Fortnite Season 8 (which is actually named after them). Having materialized on the island at the climax of the "Operation: Sky Fire" event, they factor into everything from the battle pass rewards, to the gear you can find in loot chests, and they even opened up gateways to a bizarre Sideways universe.

It was initially quite difficult to miss these colorful artifacts, as they were popping up in nearly every crevice of the map. Yet as Season 8 has progressed over time, some of the cubes have relocated or just flat-out disappeared.

For this reason, when Dark Jonesy asks you to touch one of them as part of his new questline, you might be a little confused about where you are even supposed to go. To help you out with this, Newsweek has put together a handy guide.

How To Touch a Cube in 'Fortnite' Season 8

After you have completed the second stage of Dark Jonesy's punchcard (which tasks you with recovering the spirit vessel), he will then ask you to "touch a cube."

This initially sounds like quite a straightforward task, as these objects used to be everywhere on the island. However, with the recent Fortnitemares update, the cubes have suddenly become far more elusive.

Put simply, it turns out that they are now all merged together in one location, known as "The Convergence." This is right at the center of the map, where the Aftermath point of interest used to be.

When you arrive here, you will notice that it looks like a giant fortress made from a stack of Rubik's Cube puzzles. Unfortunately, only some of the cubes here actually count towards your mission goal, so you cannot just brush yourself up against one of the exterior-facing blocks.

Instead, you will need to venture into the compound itself and look for the larger, shinier cubes, like the yellow one that is pictured below. To touch the interdimensional anomaly, you simply run into it, at which point a shockwave pulse will knock you back.

After you have done this, you will have completed the third stage of Dark Jonesy's questline and will be rewarded with a hefty XP bonus.

In related Fortnite news, a new selection of cosmetic items recently debuted in the item store, including a Halloween outfit designed by Kaws, and a promotional bundle for the new Dune movie.

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