How To Buy 'Fortnite's' New Kaws Skin—And When the Limited Edition Cosmetic Ends

American street artist Kaws (often stylized as KAWS) has collaborated with Fortnite on a brand-new Halloween skin, which will only be available in the game's item shop for a limited period of time.

If you are not familiar with Kaws (whose real name is Brian Donnelly) he is a painter, sculpture, graffitist and even collectable toy designer, known for his distinctive characters.

One of his most famous creations is the "Companion", a greyscale skeleton that resembles a mashup of various icons from the golden age animation. There is a bit of Felix the Cat here, a little of Mickey Mouse (especially when it comes to the look of his gloves, shorts and shoes) and even a hint of the ghouls from the Silly Symphonies classic, "The Skeleton Dance".

Since his debut in 1999, the Companion has made its way into various different mediums, taking the form of vinyl toys, sculptures, public art installations and collectable figurines, some of which are valued at incredibly high prices. Now, the spooky character is finally making his video game debut as a purchasable Fortnite skin (he is thankfully more affordable on this occasion).

The Kaws Skeleton has the same basic outline as the regular Companion, with a jawless skull, balloon hands, and "X" shaped eyes. However, in this case, he is not sporting his usual attire and is instead depicted as full body skeleton, in order to tie in with the ongoing "Fortnitemares" Season 8 Halloween event.

Here is everything you need to know about the outfit.

Kaws Skeleton Advert
The Companion character has arrived in “Fortnite”, in the form of the new Kaws Skeleton skin. Epic Games

How Much Does the Kaws Skeleton Cost in the 'Fortnite' Item Shop?

The Kaws Skeleton can be purchased right now from the item shop for 1,200 V-bucks, which equates to roughly $9.58 (although you cannot do an exact conversion).

It is worth noting that this is just a skin, rather than a full cosmetic bundle. As such, you will not get any harvesting tools, back bling, sprays, or weapon overlays with your purchase, like you did with the recent Bloodsport package.

On the plus side, the Kaws Skeleton does have a number of selectable styles that you can choose from. These color options (which are white, orange, green and pink variants of the costume) are available to preview right now on the Kaws Skeleton product page. All four styles are included in the 1,200 V-buck price.

If you end up regretting the transaction later, you can always request your money back using Fortnite's new and improved refund system.

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When Will the Kaws Skeleton Leave the Item Shop?

Alongside other Fortnitemares cosmetics, the Kaws Skeleton is currently featured at the top of the item shop and will be for the rest of the day (until the page resets at midnight UTC).

In terms of when the outfit is expected to be vaulted for good, it will likely remain available for purchase until the end of the Halloween event, which is Monday, November 1.

Newsweek will update this page when more concrete information is available.

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