Fox News Legal Analyst Insists Barr's Response to Congress 'Was Not a True Answer'

Fox News senior judicial correspondent Andrew Napolitano once again argued that Attorney General William Barr had not told Congress the whole truth about the special counsel office's response to Barr's release of their report on Russian election interference and alleged presidential obstruction of justice.

In an episode of his weekly Fox News Digital show Judge Napolitano's Chambers, the former New Jersey Superior Court judge went through the criticism of Barr, which has led to the attorney general being held in contempt by the House Judiciary Committee.

Napolitano also explained how Barr last month told a congressional committee he was not aware of concerns from Mueller's team about his handling of the special counsel's report, when in fact he had received a letter from Mueller himself raising complaints.

"He answered: 'No, I don't [know about any complaints],'" Napolitano said about Barr;s testimony. "Well, that was not a true answer," he continued. "He certainly had read the newspaper reports of the complaints and he had a letter from Mueller himself complaining."

Attorney General William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on May 1 MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

"So did he lie under oath or did he deceive the Congress?" Napolitano asked, suggesting those were the only possibilities.

Despite having received Mueller's letter expressing concern, Barr told Representative Charlie Crist in testimony last month that he was not aware of any complaints from the special counsel's team. When he was asked by senators last week why he had not mentioned the letter, which was publicly reported the evening before, Barr struggled to excuse his previous statement.

In analysis at the time, Napolitano was quick to argue Barr appeared to have "misled" Congress.

"He's got a problem in my view," the legal expert said. "I don't think he told a lie. But I think he probably misled the House of Representatives when he failed in response to Congressman Crist."

Napolitano later said on his digital show that Barr "had become the president of the United States' defense lawyer," arguing that his legal reasoning for determining Trump had not obstructed justice—which included a lengthy explanation about the various pressures the president had faced—was "absurd."

Although Napolitano's analysis was in line with many Democrats, as well as some Republicans, it appeared to be at odds with the openly right-leaning news organization he works for.

A report by The Wrap revealed that the former judge has actually lost significant airtime on Fox News and Fox Business after recent criticism of Barr and President Donald Trump.

But Napolitano has also been critical of how Democrats have handled their response to Barr. Last week he said calls to lock up the attorney general were "absurd," arguing that Democrats shouldn't use contempt as a "political weapon."