Fox News Hosts Dismiss Impeachment Hearings as 'TV Show' Designed to 'Make You Think' Trump 'Did Something Wrong'

The hosts of Fox & Friends said Monday morning that the ongoing impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump were little more than a "TV show" put on by the Democrats to convince the American people that the president was guilty of some wrongdoing.

The hosts of the Fox News morning show, Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade remarked that the House Judiciary Committee report released over the weekend was just more proof that the hearings were based on the false hope of removing the president from office. The report explained the constitutional rationale behind impeaching Trump.

"Well, the reason they worked over the weekend is because they did rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday," Doocy said. "They were rehearsals. Why? Because as we have told you from the very beginning, it's a TV show to get you to think that the president of the United States did something wrong."

"It's a TV show that doesn't get good ratings!" Earhardt joked.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, launched formal impeachment hearing on September 24. On December 5, she directed the House to draft official articles of impeachment against the president.

The president's supporters and some Republicans have maintained that he did nothing wrong and that the impeachment proceedings against Trump are little more than a farce to remove a duly elected chief executive.

During the past few months, several hosts on Fox News have maintained that Trump did not commit any impeachable offenses. Kilmeade has gone as far as to say that media coverage of the impeachment inquiry has done little more than embolden the president's supporters, because it has made them realize that there is an "unfairness" to the way Democrats treat Trump.

In November, several polls showed that the hearings have done little to change the minds of members of the American public about whether the president should be impeached.

One CNN poll conducted between November 21 and 24 and released November 26 determined that only 10 percent of Republicans believed the president should be impeached for his July phone call with the president of Ukraine, while 89 percent still approved of his job performance. Another poll from Ipsos, whose results were published November 27, found that 79 percent of registered Republican voters believed that the president did not commit an impeachable offense.

In contrast, the CNN poll found that 90 percent of Democrats believed Trump should be impeached and removed from office, and only six percent approved of his performance. The Ipsos poll found that 12 percent of registered Democrats did not believe that Trump's actions were impeachable.

Fox & Friends is still dismissing impeachment hearings as "a TV show that doesn't get good ratings," because their best defense for President Crimes' crime-doing is 'hey, aren't these nerds SO BORING??'

— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) December 9, 2019
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