Fox News Host Jesse Watters Reads Text From His Mom: 'DO NOT Accept an Offer to Be Chief of Staff' for Donald Trump

Fox News's Jesse Watters read a text from his mother in which she urged the host not take the job of Donald Trump's chief of staff if the president offered it.

Watters broadcast the advice of "DO NOT accept an offer to be Chief of Staff" on the network during the latest installment of "Mom Texts" in which he reads messages that have been sent to him by his liberal-leaning mother, Anne Watters.

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly recently announced that he would be leaving the administration by early next year. Representative Mark Meadows and Nick Ayers, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, are among those who have reportedly turned down the opportunity to replace Kelly.

Jesse Watters, a conservative political commentator, also read a number of other messages recently sent to him by his mother, admitting that "these are piling up fast."

Watters read the first text: "[Paul] Manafort is a criminal," after Robert Mueller said Trump's former campaign chairman had lied to the special counsel's office during the Russia investigation, after Manafort had previously been found guilty on eight felony fraud charges.

"Short and sweet, Mom," Watters said about the text.

In another text, Watters's mother wrote: "Jesse, the Mueller investigation is now a 3 pronged attack—you read Axios—and you are coming across as utterly unethical and valueless? Why do that?

"You don't have the expertise nor the knowledge to question the special counsel's investigation until you know what they know," Anne Watters added. "Hush Jesse."

Watters's mother also reminded her son that "we are a nation of laws" and asked him to "tone down the strident attack on our court system.

"You end up presenting as lacking a moral compass honey. We all know you are a Trumpet—You don't need to scream it."

In a two-part message to the host, Anne Watters said: "Please bring just a TAD more measured caution to your heretofore overly exited support of this president; you really are presenting as really out there Jesse. And above all, please stay in your wheelhouse—you can have an opinion but let's acknowledge you have no legal expertise."

In a previous segment of "Mom Texts," Anne Watters attacked Trump following his tweet directed at adult film actress Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, in which he called her "horseface."

"Any political arena is fraught with name calling, as well as wretched accusations by all sorts of players, but not by the president of the United States.

"To normalize his behavior [of] calling a woman 'horseface' demeans you and makes you appear crass, and quite awful and misogynistic," she wrote, reported the blog Fox News Insider.

jesse waters mom texts
Fox News’s Jesse Waters during the latest installment of "Mom Texts" in which he reads messages from his liberal-leaning mother. Fox News