Frozen 'Alligator' Found by Kids Beneath Icy Lake in Wisconsin

A viral video shows a group of kids excitedly claiming they've discovered an "alligator" frozen beneath lake ice in Wisconsin.

The clip circulating on TikTok shows children at an ice hole, at the Chain O' Lakes in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

The water is frozen solid but the kids crowd around a thin section of ice, peering at something just below the surface.

"There's an Amazon alligator," says one of the children in the clip, captioned: "Alligators in Wisconsin?! There's no alligators.... Or is there?"

They all murmur with excitement, while the woman shooting the video, believed to be their mom, is sceptical about the find.

"How can you tell it's not a rock?" she asks, as she goes in for a closer look.

One of the kids replies: "See that claw right there?"

At which point the videographer spots what has grabbed the children's attention, as she suddenly shrieks: "Oh my gosh, holy c***, yeah! It does look like an alligator! That's just a face."

But one of the other kids seems to identify the mystery animal, declaring "It's a snapping turtle."

The clip has been viewed more than a million times, as others also identified the lake dweller.

Hdk51694 wrote: "Common snapping turtle. They hibernate under the ice and can breathe through their cloacas until the ice thaws."

Moth girl thought: "Hey alligator isn't that far-fetched of an assumption at first glance! Kids were smart to think that and then use reasoning to find the true answer."

Altin joked: "He said "see that claw there?" like it was a normal thing."

Griffinnn added: "No an alligator but does look very convincing! Whoever's child that was he is right that it's a turtle of some sort!"

Dana Gaffney wrote: "It looks like an alligator snapper, so the kids were kinda right lol."

While Wilka.Akerman asked: "How are these kids so smart? I would just thought its a rock."

A follow-up clip shows the troupe, which includes a dog, going in for another look as they revealed: "Evidently this turtle is a legend in this lake. In the summer our friends see it and have named her Large Marge."

The man added "it ain't springtime yet," referencing the turtle's hibernation schedule.

Explaining how they breathe under the ice, National Geographic revealed: "Hibernating turtles get the limited oxygen they need through their butts in a process called cloacal respiration. The blood vessels around the cloaca—an all-purpose orifice found in many reptiles—are able to take up oxygen directly from the water."

Stock image of a snapping turtle
Stock image of an old snapping turtle. Kids were excited when they thought they found a frozen alligator in Wisconsin which turned out to be a snapping turtle. purejoyimagery/Getty iStock