'Game of Thrones': Is Jon Snow Getting a New Love Interest?

Jon Snow on Game of Thrones
Jon Snow on Game of Thrones Helen Sloan/HBO

It's been two seasons since the brooding hero, played by Kit Harington, lost his wildling lover Ygritte (played by Harington's real-life girlfriend Rose Leslie) and in the time since, he's had his hands full between taking over the Night's Watch as lord commander, being killed and coming back to life. But now that Jon has firmly rejoined the land of the living, on-set pictures from season seven—currently in production in Northern Ireland—suggest that the newly anointed King of the North could get a queen.

New on-set pictures show a newcomer to Thrones on set with Harington and Brienne of Tarth actor Gwendoline Christie filming scenes set in Winterfell.

According to Game of Thrones fan website Watchers on the Wall, the actor is 19-year-old Megan Parkinson, who MailOnline identified as a body double for Sansa Stark, played by Sophie Turner. The actor seemingly confirmed her casting on Twitter.

Indeed, there is some resemblance between Parkinson and Turner, not least of all their plaited red hair:

But Watchers on the Wall inspected the pictures closer and found that Parkinson is several inches shorter than Turner, throwing some doubt on that body double theory.

The actor's clothes also appear drab, something Sansa, whom we last saw in her finest furs, is not. One picture from the set also shows Parkinson being fitted with a belt that may or may not holster a sword:

#WinterIsComing #Belfast #Irishthrones Its amazing the things you see in the Northern Irish Countryside pic.twitter.com/fMibSGNzyY

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Although Sansa exhibited a more vicious side in season six—feeding her psychopathic estranged husband Ramsay Bolton to his dogs—it's a bit of a stretch to imagine she's taken up arms.

So who could Parkinson be playing? The Thrones fan website suggests that her character is the "16-year-old Northern girl" mentioned in a casting breakdown for season seven in June. At the time it was said the chosen actor needed to have a northern accent and would feature in a "high-stakes scene with leading cast members." Being seen on set with Harington and Christie fulfils the latter part of that requirement, while Parkinson's Twitter biography describes her as a "Yorkshire lass," which fulfils the former requirement.

As for the rumors Parkinson's character may be Jon's new love interest, some fans have pointed to pictures of her on set with Harington as rather tenuous proof of a romance. But could that theory really be that out there?

Firstly, history dictates Jon has a thing for redheaded women with strong northern accents. Who could fill Ygritte's shoes better than another flame-haired northerner?

And, secondly, a possible love connection—and even marriage—for the new King of the North could make sense given earlier events in Thrones . In the show's earliest seasons Jon's brother Robb Stark (may he rest in peace) was also named King of the North by the various great northern houses, but had to negotiate their support in various ways, including agreeing to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters to earn access to his vast troops. (Robb famously went back on his word, resulting in the bloodbath that was the Red Wedding in season three.)

As Jon settles into his new role as king and possibly makes moves against the Lannisters to take the Iron Throne of Westeros, a marriage alliance with another great house seems a wise strategic move.

If indeed Westeros' most eligible bachelor is contemplating taking a queen, Thrones fans have a longer wait than usual to find out. Season seven is set to premiere in the summer of 2017 rather than its usual early April bow.