'God of War' Luck Stat: What It Does Plus Best Armor and Enchantments to Increase It

Wondering what Luck does in God of War? Find out everything you need to know about the stat plus best the best enchantments, armor and weapon upgrades to boost Kratos' combat stats, here

The new God of War has a ton of RPG elements that let players fight their way through a journey across various realms of Norse mythology in their own unique way.

For example, players can upgrade Kratos's armor to increase his various stats in a number of different ways. While many players will want to increase Kratos's strength and runic stats to do as much damage as possible, or his defense and vitality to have the most staying power, the luck stat shouldn't be overlooked. Especially after the main story is complete.

In this guide, we'll discuss the Luck stat, what it does and how players can increase it quickly using upgrades for Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, Tyr Armor and more.

God of War Luck Stat Guide: Everything You Need To Know

god of war what does luck do enchantments stat how to use upgrade kratos armor combat tips best
The various stats for Kratos in 'God of War' PlayStation/PlayerOne

What is Luck? What the Stat Does

The Luck stat is the rarest stat in God of War, meaning there aren't many ways to increase this stat. And for good reason, the Luck stat increases the activation chance on perks from Axe Pommels and Enchantments, and increases XP and Hacksilver gains.

Of course, players will want the increased XP and Hacksilver to upgrade Kratos and Atreus's skills and armor. The Hacksilver in particular can be used to craft new and better armor, and players can use it to purchase various items for Kratos to use in battle like Resurrection Stones.

god of war what does luck do enchantments stat how to use upgrade kratos armor combat tips best TALISMAN LEVIATHAN AXE blades of chaos
Sindri and Brok will help increase your Luck using armor, talismans and pummels. PlayStation

How To Increase Luck In God Of War: Best Armor, Enchantments and Other Items To Upgrade Kratos' Luck

Again, the Luck stat is not easy, to raise but there are a few ways to go about increasing Kratos's Luck and, with it, the amount of XP and Hacksilver gained.

Best Armor

god of war best armor what does luck do stat enchantments combat skills how to upgrade kratos
Tyr armor is one of several best luck-giving sets in God of War YouTube

There are a couple of armor sets that increase the Luck stat in God of War. Completing the Hammer Fall, Anatomy of Hope and Hail to the King Favors will give players access to special gear that maximize their Luck. Here is the list of various armor pieces that will increase Luck and which Favor (side quest) unlocks them.

  • Tyr's Lost Unity Gauntlets - Hammer Fall (Favor)
  • Tyr's Lost Unity Cuirass - Hammer Fall (Favor)
  • Tyr's Lost Unity Belt - Anatomy of Hope (Favor)
  • Brok's Royal Dwarven Breastplate - Hail to the King (Favor)
  • Brok's Royal Dwarven Gauntlets - Hail to the King (Favor)
  • Brok's Royal Dwarven - Hail to the King (Favor)
  • Sindri's Royal Dwarven Breastplate - Hail to the King (Favor)
  • Sindri's Royal Dwarven Gauntlets - Hail to the King (Favor)
  • Sindri's Royal Dwarven Waist Guard - Hail to the King (Favor)


There are special quest items in God of War that increase particular stats by a small amount. To increase Kratos' Luck stat, look for Yggdrasil's Dew of Luck. There are two in the game and they can be found in the Lake of Nine. One behind Buri's Storeroom and the other behind Svartalfheim Tower in King's Hollow. They look like a glowing blue teardrop hanging from a tree, very easy to spot from a distance.


Talismans can be equipped to Kratos to provide boosts to stats. These often have abilities that can be activated in battle, but for a passive increase to your Luck stat, you'll want the following:

  • Tyr's Talisman - Anatomy of Hope (Favor)
  • Hvergelmir Stone - Niflheim Shop


Pommels can be equipped to Kratos' weapons and have perks that can be activated either manually or under certain conditions in battle. These are the various Pommels that raise the Luck stat.

Leviathan Axe

god of war best weapons leviathan axe what does luck do enchantments stat how to use upgrade kratos armor combat tips
Here are some of the best Leviathan Axe upgrades for increasing your luck stat. YouTube
  • Weighted War Handle - Shop
  • Versatile Warrior's Handle - Unfinished Business (Favor)
  • Ymir's Breath - Isle of Death Legendary Chest
  • Light War Handle - Shop
  • Weighted Grip of Restoration - Shop
  • Curved Grip of Restoration - Shop
  • Grip of Tanngiost - Veithurgard/Hammer Fall (Favor)
  • HraeziaFarmaor's Grip - Family Business (Favor)
  • Forbidden Grip of the Ages - Realm Tear
  • Grip of the Maze - Shop
  • Valkyrie's Might - Drop after defeating Valkyrie Eir
  • Retribution - Drop after defeating Valkyrie Queen

Blades of Chaos

god of war best weapons blades of chaos what does luck do enchantments stat how to use upgrade kratos armor combat tips
The Blades of Chaos have several luck-boosting upgrades. YouTube
  • Deadly Grips of Protection - Shop
  • Precision War Handles - Shop
  • Weightless War Handles - Lake of Nine/West side of outer walkway
  • Deadly War Handles - Helheim Traveler Drop
  • Grips of the Forgotten Flame - Muspelheim Shop
  • Explosive Grips of Fire - Isle of Death Legendary Chest


These equipables give bonuses to Kratos and provide a small boost in specific stats. Enchantment slots are found in a lot of different armor, and you can add more slots to pieces when you upgrade them, so if you want to increase your Luck stat, pick up these items.

  • Tyr's Shard - Wayward Spirits (Favor)
  • Heart of Svartalfheim - Hidden Chamber in the Wildwoods
  • Hamingja Essence Luck - Northri Stronghold
  • Feathers of the Fallen Servent - Defeat Valkyrie Gunnr
  • Eye of the Outer Realm - Secret Chamber of Odin Coffin