Golden Retriever Has Adorable Reaction to Seeing Kittens Fed for First Time

A golden retriever's sweet response to seeing newborn kittens being fed is melting hearts online.

In the cute clip shared by TikToker @thisisbaileygolden, golden boy Bailey is entranced by the tiny furbabies, who are nursing from their mom on his owner's bed.

"Hello mama, what are you doing?" the video caption reads, narrating Bailey's thoughts as he comes in for a closer look.

At first, the mama cat appears anxious as Bailey sniffs her newborns. However, she quickly relaxes, with Bailey lying down on the bed next to them.

A kitten touching a retriever's nose.
A stock photo of a kitten touching a retriever's nose. Bailey was curious about the newborn kittens crawling all over the bed. chendongshan/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The kittens are so small, they haven't even opened their eyes yet, but that doesn't stop them from exploring. A curious Bailey watches as they crawl all over the bed, giving them a nuzzle with his nose.

"I have to be careful," the captions continue, as Bailey tenderly resumes smelling the kittens.

TikTok users loved the bonding session, with the video receiving over a million views and more than 77,000 likes.

Is It Safe to Have Adult Dogs Around Kittens?

There may be nothing cuter than a dog surrounded by kittens, but is it safe? Dr. Randall Cannon, veterinarian at Cannon Veterinary Services, said there are a few things to consider.

"There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to canine-feline relationships," he told Newsweek.

"It completely depends on several factors, like the dog's age and background."

Puppies are often curious when meeting a kitten for the first time, and usually harmless. However, older dogs that are not accustomed to cats might attack, so owners need to be prepared.

"Dogs absolutely can bond with kittens and cats though," Cannon said.

"I've had cats and dogs of my own who are proof of that. Some dogs are loving and protective of certain cats in the home, but will chase any other cat they come across."

Zack Keithy, a former veterinary technician and owner of the blog Daily Dog Drama, agrees.

"Dogs can bond very well with kittens, although it may take some time and effort to establish a good relationship between them," he told Newsweek.

"[It] requires socialization and patience. With proper introductions and supervised interactions, many dogs and kittens can build a strong friendship."

He said it's important for dog owners to take their pooch's temperament and past behavior into account.

"Aggressive dogs should not interact with kittens to avoid any potential injuries," Keithy said.


Viewers couldn't get enough of the gentle golden retriever, with user dabott51 dubbing Bailey "the dogfather."

"Bailey would be a good babysitter!!!" suggested J.

"Mama trusts him," agreed user8100388776063.

"Co-parenting," joked Shannon.

"The gentle sniffles," wrote jenpelliccio.

"So curious," said scum981.

"Such a good dog," commented Korlina.

"The dog looks like a big friendly giant to these babies," said Kristina.

While Paramount called the clip "the sweetest thing I've seen."

Newsweek reached out to @thisisbaileygolden for comment.

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