Golden Retriever Using Cat As Pillow Leaves Internet Howling: 'Memory Foam'

A golden retriever has left the internet in stitches after he was caught on camera using a white cat as a pillow.

In a viral TikTik clip, Kevin the dog can be seen putting his paw on the white cat, Soup, before resting his head on it.

The video, captioned, "Kevin and Soup share one brain cell," was shared by @treeblyweebly and has received more than 1.3 million views and over 350,200 likes.

Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?

Golden and cat
A stock image of a golden retriever cuddling a cat. A video has gone viral of the same breed using a cat as a pillow. chendongshan/iStock/Getty Images Plus

In short, the answer is yes. But their friendship isn't likely to blossom overnight. Purina, the pet food company, states first impressions are vital when introducing your furry friends. Purina says it is easier when both pets are young as they are much more likely to become pals as they will grow up together.

But if you are thinking of expanding your furry family later in their lives, Purina advises pet owners to take their time with the introductions and start by allowing them to smell one another. This can be done by placing their bedding or something they frequently use, like a toy, in their space.

This will reduce stress for both of them when they finally meet face to face as they will be familiar with the scent.

Previously, Newsweek shared the heartwarming reaction of a dog overjoyed to see his feline friend return from the vet, and the rescue cat who "hates" everyone apart from a dog.

In the comments, user @treeblyweebly confirmed her pets are friends, writing, "Soup follows Kevin everywhere." In another clip, the owner refers to them as "best buds."

What Do the Comments Say?

Over 1,100 people have commented on the viral clip since February 12.

The top comment has 26,600 likes, it said: "Had to fluff his pillow first."

"Memory foam pillow cat for sure," said another.

"The cutest forced cuddles ever!" said another person.

Other users have focused less on the video and more on their names.

One said: "Kevin & Soup sounds like a great sitcom."

In 2022, the most popular male dog names were Max, Milo, Cooper and Charlie, according to the American Kennel Club. The most popular female feline names were Luna, Lily, Bella and Nala, according to the name expert site Name Berry.

Previously, Newsweek shared a 2022 study revealing the most popular dog name choices in each state. It seemed Charlie was a hit in Kansas, New Hampshire and South Dakota, while Daisy was most popular in Wyoming.

Newsweek reached out to @treeblyweebly for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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