Golden Retriever Meets Litter of Puppies for First Time in Adorable Video

A golden retriever's first encounter with a litter of puppies has been captured on camera in footage that is sure to melt even the most hardened of hearts.

Animal videos may offer a form of escapism from the humdrum of everyday life but they also have far reaching benefits besides this. A study published in the Clinical Psychology Review in 2010 found that, in moderation, watching clips of this kind not only lifts mood but boosts "life satisfaction and resilience to stress."

Perhaps that's why the video posted to TikTok by goldenretrievermommaxo has racked up 4.5 million views. A world away from the pandemic and problems of modern life, it's the perfect antidote to the blues showcasing a simple interaction between a dog and some puppies.

The video can be viewed here.

Stella was one of three golden retrievers living alongside Lulu and Remi with their human owners. But everything changed when Lulu got pregnant. A few weeks ago, Lulu gave birth to a litter of 11 perfectly formed puppies. Overnight, Stella became "Aunt Stella" and she has loved every minute of it.

According to her owners Stella has been "infatuated" with the new arrivals but had, until recently, "kept a respectable distance."

However, that all changed in the past few days when Aunt Stella decided to meet her new family snout-to-snout. The resulting encounter was captured in a three-minute clip shared to social media.

From the moment she enters their puppy pen, Stella is the perfect guest, taking what the video describes as adorably "slow cautious" steps to avoid treading on any of the young dogs. As a caption accompanying the clip notes "momma [Lulu] was right next to us supervising" as Stella began sniffing at and affectionately nuzzling at the tiny and equally inquisitive pups.

"Enjoy these moments of kisses and discovery," Stella's owner writes. "My heart is so full just watching her love them." Having adjusted to her surroundings amid the litter of puppies, Stella decides to sit down, at which point she is mobbed by the tiny dogs around her.

Sensing her pups were hungry, Lulu soon joined the mix sitting up next to Stella. Then comes the moment when their owner's "heart just melted" as Lulu begins affectionately licking at Stella's face. "Life is pretty golden," a concluding caption reads.

As joyous and life-affirming an animal video as you are likely to get, the footage's cuteness was not lost on those watching on TikTok.

"This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen," whataboutbunny wrote. SassyVARN was similarly appreciative, commenting: "This is the most beautiful, wholesome video I've seen in a long while. Thank you so much for sharing."

Clueless Bushcraft declared: "This made my night. I'm gonna have good dreams now. Thank you," while morgannnaa37 said: "This was just simply amazing to watch. You cannot watch this and not have an appreciation for what animals are capable of."

Jenny Nyugen added "I could literally watch this beautiful moment all day" with enzo_samoyed responding: "Wow this is so beautiful I can't even put it into words, thank you for sharing such a wholesome moment with us."

Newsweek has contacted goldenretrievermommaxo for comment.

The adorable clip comes hot on the heels of this video of a defiant golden retriever lying down in a muddy bog and another refusing to get out of bed despite the owner's best efforts.

A Golden retriever and some puppies.
Stock image of a golden retriever and some puppies. One dog's reaction to meeting a litter of golden retriever puppies has gone viral. Sharon Gucker/Getty