Golden Retriever Using Fellow Dog As 'Booty Pillow' Melts Hearts Online

The internet has fallen in love with a dog seen using his pooch pal as a "booty pillow" in a viral video.

The footage of golden retrievers Milo and Oakley was posted to Reddit on Wednesday by a user called Chasith and has already racked up more than 11,000 upvotes.

The post on the "Aww" forum was captioned: "This is Milo and Oakley. Sometimes Milo requires a booty pillow, and Oakley is always there for him. That's what friends are for."

The clip begins with the two dogs relaxing. Oakley is lying on the wooden floor on his stomach and Milo is sitting nearby.

Milo then walks up to his pal and proceeds to flop down and lean his head on Oakley's "booty" for a rest.

Users on the Aww forum, which has 29.7 million members and is dedicated to cute pictures and videos, heaped praise on the lovable duo.

One said: "Everybody needs a booty for a pillow. Everybody needs a booty."

Another commented: "That looks really comfy actually."

A third simply added: "The way he just plops."

Another video showing a dog and his loyal friend has melted hearts on the Aww forum this week. This clip, which has racked up more than 20,000 upvotes in five days, shows a toddler comforting his pet during a thunderstorm.

The young child chats away to the dog, who is cowering in a corner, and touches his face before throwing his arms around the pet.

Hundreds of comments were left on the clip, including one that described the pair as "thunder buddies for life."

On another Reddit forum, called "Pics," photos showing a rescue dog's remarkable transformation have also gone viral.

Tilly had been removed from her previous owners by a local shelter four months ago. Her new owner, posting on Reddit with the handle h-h-c, shared images of the dog just after her rescue and a photo of her now—and she looks like a completely new animal.

In the "before" photos, Tilly is neglected and malnourished, to the point where her ribs are sticking out of her skin.

Now she is healthy and comfortable, shown swaddled in blankets and keeping cozy in her new home.

The photos gained 17,000 votes on Reddit in less than a day. More than 500 comments have been left on the post, with the most popular message reading: "There's a special place in hell for people that do that to animals."

Golden Retriever
A golden retriever, seen on February 22, 2016, in New York City. A pair of golden retrievers called Milo and Oakley are going viral on Reddit. Jamie McCarthy/Getty