GOP Committee Chairwoman Slammed for Saying Americans Should Be Celebrating Donald Trump on D-Day: 'It's Not a Celebration'

The chair of the Republican National Committee is facing an online backlash after suggesting that the commemorations marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day are an opportunity to celebrate President Donald Trump and his achievements, whether you support him or not.

World leaders have gathered in the U.K. and France to mark the anniversary of the military operation, which was the largest amphibious invasion in history and constituted a pivotal step on the road to defeating Nazi Germany and its Axis allies in World War Two.

Trump attended a D-Day anniversary event in Portsmouth, U.K. on Wednesday where he joined Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister Theresa May and other world leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The event marked the end of the president's three-day state visit to the U.K. Though Trump acquitted himself relatively well during the trip, it was not without controversy. Before Air Force One even touched down, the president criticized the U.K.'s handling of Brexit, effectively endorsed one of the candidates running to be the next prime minister, and reignited his feud with London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

While he enjoyed royal engagements at Buckingham Palace and talks with May in Downing Street, thousands of Britons took to the streets to protest Trump's visit.

He drew further criticism for suggesting Britain's treasured National Health Service would be "on the table" in any future U.K.-U.S. post-Brexit trade deal and with a rambling TV interview in which he dismissed the climate emergency amid characteristically incoherent boasts and misleading statements.

Much of the media coverage of the trip was negative, on both sides of the Atlantic. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel considered this unacceptable, and told Fox Business on Wednesday that the media should be more supportive of the president.

.@GOPChairwoman: We are celebrating the anniversary, 75 years of D-Day. This is the time where we should be celebrating our President, the great achievements of America, and I don't think the American people like the constant negativity.

— GOP (@GOP) June 5, 2019

"I just have a reminder for the media," McDaniel said. "He's your president, too. This is our president. This is our country. We're celebrating the anniversary, 75 years of D-Day.

"This is a time where we should be celebrating our president, the great achievements of America. And I don't think the American people like this constant negativity. There are times when we should be lifting up our president, especially when he's overseas."

McDaniel also praised Trump's response to the criticism. "He's trying so hard," she said. "He's never been given a break. But [criticism] doesn't stop him. He keeps his foot on the gas… He's so positive."

But not everyone agreed with the RNC chair. Some Twitter users reminded McDaniel that the D-Day ceremonies are for commemoration, not celebration, and that marking historic events does not require everyone to line up behind the most divisive president in recent history.

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu noted that marking the D-Day anniversary "is to honor all those who fought and died on D-Day so that we can be free. Get it?"

Author Tom Nichols suggested McDaniel was reminding the country "that everything is about the Dear Leader," while Pod Save America co-host Dan Pfeiffer said he was "not sure what's funnier—that @GOPChairwoman said this, that the host took it seriously, or that he RNC tweeted it out."

Former GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus did not hold back, branding McDaniel "a disgrace." She tweeted, "It's not a celebration—it's a solemn commemoration. And it's not about Trump."

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President Donald Trump attends a D-Day event Southsea Common on June 5, 2019 in Portsmouth, U.K. Karwai Tang/WireImage