Here's the GOP's 'Number One Promise' If Republicans Win the House

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is preparing his caucus to launch numerous investigations into President Joe Biden's administration should the GOP win control of Congress this cycle.

In a piece featuring interviews with McCarthy and numerous top-ranking Republican members of Congress published Friday by The Daily Caller, the GOP outlined a sweeping retribution agenda ahead of the next Congress likely to feature high-level inquiries into the Department of Justice, the Department of Education, and the Biden administration's handling of the border crisis alongside myriad other agenda items including investigations into "big tech," the origins of COVID-19 and inflation.

"We're not gonna predetermine what happens. The number one promise we make to the American public is we're gonna get to the bottom of the truth. And we'll let the truth take us to wherever it goes and we'll uphold the law, whatever we need to do," McCarthy told the outlet.

News of Republican enthusiasm to dig into the alleged misdeeds of the Biden White House is not exactly new. Aides for McCarthy have previously said Republicans already sent preservation notices and document requests to aid in future investigations as early as February, while the GOP's investigatory itch for the 118th U.S. Congress was already outlined and confirmed to outlets like The Wall Street Journal in late August.

But as the midterm elections have drawn closer, Republican fervor appears to have grown—particularly as forecasts show the party with a likely chance of claiming the majority this cycle.

Kevin McCarthy
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, answers questions during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on July 29 in Washington, D.C. Aides for McCarthy have said that Republicans already sent preservation notices and document requests to aid in future investigations into the Biden White House as early as February. Win McNamee/Getty Images

GOP rising stars like South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace and likely House GOP Oversight Chair James Comer—who has run numerous resolutions seeking to investigate the president and his family—have already positioned themselves as leading figures in oversight inquiries into the business dealings of the president's son, Hunter Biden, who is reportedly expected to face federal charges for fraud in the days after the 2022 election.

Meanwhile, there has been renewed focus on the potential role of the House Oversight Committee as a cudgel of resistance against the Biden White House, particularly as hyperpartisan figures like Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene—who has sponsored the majority of recent resolutions to impeach the president—have expressed an interest in serving on Oversight as well as on the powerful House Judiciary Committee in the next Congress.

With a Democratic majority, the Judiciary Committee launched several impeachment inquiries into President Donald Trump, while the Oversight Committee issued subpoenas against Trump associates for their role in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I would like to be on Oversight," Greene told The New York Times Magazine earlier this month. "I would also like to be on Judiciary. I think both of those I'd be good on."

On Friday, House Judiciary Committee Republicans—led by Ohio Representative Jim Jordan—released a 1,000-page report detailing what they described as "a rampant culture of unaccountability, manipulation, and abuse at the highest level" within the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, offering up a template that would likely be used in a future investigation of the Cabinet-level agencies under the president's purview.

"FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland have injected politics into the FBI, so much so that it is now fundamentally broken," the report reads. "Instead of serving justice and protecting the American public, FBI leadership has weaponized the agency's law enforcement capabilities against half the American public. There is no place for politics within the FBI and now is the time to fix the nation's preeminent law-enforcement entity."

Biden himself seems aware of the strategy. On the stump, Biden has warned a Republican-controlled Congress would likely seek to impeach him after a string of unsuccessful attempts by the GOP minority this Congress, saying in a Thursday speech at California's MiraCosta College, "I don't know what in the hell they're going to impeach me for."

Newsweek has reached out to the White House for comment.