Gran Messages Frankie Grace On Facebook After Trying To Watch Sitcom On iPad

A technologically-illiterate grandma has left the internet in stitches after she messaged a person called Frankie Grace on Facebook—while she searched for her favorite sitcom on an iPad.

TikTok users were quick to share their elderly relative's experiences with technology after they watched "Nonna Gina" struggle to watch the Netflix show "Grace and Frankie."

In a video posted onto the popular social media app, Nonna Gina is confronted over why she messaged stranger Frankie Grace on Facebook.

The clip, shared by user Nonna Gina that documents the grandma's life, started with a shot focused on Frankie Grace's Facebook profile.

A woman holding the camera then told Nonna Gina that she "waved" and gave a "thumbs up" to the unsuspecting woman.

In an attempt to explain herself, the user explained she had tried to watch her favorite Netflix show on the iPad.

The woman then explained that Nonna Gina was on the wrong website and that she had sent the messages to the "poor lady."

Nonna Gina hoped the woman recording the conversation could "rub off" the comments, only to be told that wasn't possible, leaving the grandma to declare: "Alright, I don't like this iPad anymore."


When Nonna thinks she’s searching for Frankie & Grace on Netflix… #funny #nonna #fyp #italian #lol

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Since being uploaded on January 24 the clip has been viewed some 977,500 times and liked more than 121,900 times.

In the comment section, many users shared their own experiences with elderly relatives

One TikTok user added: "It's great to see her trying, too many older people just give up on new tech, stick with it and I'm sure she will get it."

But another commenter offered a retrospective solution to the problem: "Well maybe that girl should've changed her name when the show came out so that this wouldn't happen."

Another TikTok user then shared her own relative's similar experience with technology: "My grandma thought Vin Diesel was her FB friend for so long because she somehow liked a Vin Diesel fanpage."

A fourth commented: "This is like when we told my grandma she can watch videos on YouTube and she said, 'I don't have that channel.'"

Elderly people have carved out a space for themselves on TikTok, despite the platform being dominated by younger users, with many appreciating their wholesome content.

Outspoken Bubbie SJ Mendelson has won a host of followers and even shared why she loves being an old lady in a video posted last year.

The video went on to be viewed some one million times and many appreciated her frankness about growing older.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin attend the Netflix FYSEE "Grace and Frankie" ATAS Official Red Carpet and Panel at Raleigh Studios on May 18, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. An older online user found she had messaged a random woman when she was trying to watch her favorite show. Emma McIntyre / Staff/Getty