Grandad Cat's Expression Watching Grandkittens Goes Viral: 'Old and Grumpy'

Most of us have fond memories of hanging out with our grandparents as kids, covering them in stickers or climbing all over them.

And while we're sure they treasured these moments, no doubt a pained expression may have passed their face as they recounted nursery rhymes for the hundredth time.

And it seems that look is one which transcends species, as a clip of a "grandad" cat watching his grandkittens shows.

The video, shared to Reddit by @downriverrowing, shows the elderly ginger moggy with an exhausted look on his face.

Next to him in a basket are four ginger kittens (miniature versions of himself) who are transfixed by a cat toy circling above them.

In adorable unison their heads flick left and right, while a bold one at the end extends a paw to try and swat the object.

The clip was simply captioned: "Granddad watching the wee ones!"

While it's not clear if @downriverrowing is the original author of the hilarious video, their post has amassed nearly 40,000 upvotes since being shared on Monday.

In the comments, people remarked at how the old cat reminded them of their own grandparents as they shared childhood memories.

Dear-Addendum925 joked: "You can tell he's the grandad because he fell asleep in the middle of watching them. Reminds me of my grandpa, dozing off in the middle of telling stories. I miss him."

Privacyisimportant87 wrote: "Lol this is hilarious he's just like a human grandpa that falls asleep on the recycliner while watching his grandkids."

CharlesBronsonsHair thought: "That is the most grandad cat I've ever seen.

I_H8_2_love_U_4_ever quipped: "He's taking a cat nap."

Thearizonamoose reckoned: "That's the quick grandpa check of 'are they alive? Good, back to nap.' I remember my grandpa doing that for us grandkids growing up. Good memories."

HotMess2121 thought: "Oh good lord, he looks old and grumpy lol."

Sender2bender admitted: "Dude's exhausted. That's how I feel with one kid running around. Couldn't imagine 4."

Kingston_Advice1 joked: "Grandpa will sleep through anything!"

SnooMachines7176 said: "Poor guy, just want some well earned peace and a nap and this happens."

While Notcoolpunk added: "In typical grandad fashion... 'resting his eyes'."

Cat's are well-known for their love of sleeping, with pet food website Purina claiming felines need on average 15 hours a day.

Explaining why they snooze so much, the website revealed: "Cats sleep long hours in order to recharge for their next hunting spree. Although your domesticated cat's existence couldn't be more different to the wild felines' such as lions, the genetic programming is pretty much the same.

"Just like its big cat cousins, your fluffball instinctively conserves energy in case they have to chase down their next meal, which they do despite all the nice dinners they get at home, served in a timely fashion every day."

Newsweek reached out to @downriverrowing for comment.