'Granny' 1.6 Update: Nightmare Mode, Remote Control, Christmas Decor, New Pet and More

The latest Granny horror game update 1.6 brings a new nightmare mode, extra items and a new tool to combat Granny. Find out how to use the remote control, see new car ending, find new weapon and other Christmas update features, here.

Last week a new Granny horror game 1.6 update dropped and with it came a number of fun new changes, just in time for the Christmas holidays. The update includes a few aesthetic changes such as low, medium and high definition, as well as a new nightmare game mode and additional tools and surprises to up your Granny game experience. To help you discover every part of the new update, we've put together a walkthrough of all the new 1.6 features and spaces, along with how to use them. If you are brand new to the Granny game, however, you may want to check out some of our earlier walkthrough posts so you understand how the game works, the areas to explore in the house, items to find, and how to beat the game.

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What's New In Granny Update 1.6?

According to the developer notes, the latest Granny update adds the following features:

  • Some changes to the Main Menu.
  • Added quality settings.
  • Added a little Christmas feeling.
  • Nightmare mode option.
  • Added new Game Over scene.
  • Changed the look of Granny's Pet.
  • Added a new way to defend yourself against Granny.

Quality Settings & Christmas Decor Update

Granny, 1.6, update, nightmare, mode, remote, control,  new, spider, Christmas, horror, game, walkthrough where is the remote control what does it do new car ending new pet tutorial how to
Granny gets a Santa hat in the Christmas 1.6 update. Dveloper

With this update, players now have the option to play the game in low, medium, or high quality settings. We tested this game mode on both an iPhone 7 and iPad Pro and the quality only seemed to significantly alter on the iPad. In low quality mode, the text on various notes throughout the house is very blurry, whereas medium and high quality mode makes the text legible and all graphics a bit sharper. Our assumption is that these quality adjustments were made available to accommodate older devices that may have trouble running games with higher quality graphics. We didn't test it, but we assume playing on higher quality mode may lead to faster battery drain as well.

In terms of the "Christmas feeling," t hese changes are pretty minimal. Granny wears a Santa hat and there is a Christmas tree set up in the living room that can be knocked over.

Nightmare Mode & New Ending

Granny, 1.6, update, nightmare, mode, remote, control,  new, spider, Christmas, horror, game, walkthrough where is the remote control what does it do new car ending new pet tutorial how to
The latest Granny 1.6 update brings and new car garage ending. Dveloper

We spent a little time playing Nightmare mode and in short, it's basically grosser and creepier. There are no new jump scares or surprises and Granny didn't earn any new supernatural powers. But things are a lot bloodier. When you go into Nightmare Mode, you'll immediately notice blood on everything — you'll hear a disgusting squishing noise beneath your shoes as you walk through the house which makes it pretty hard to keep Granny from hearing you make your way through the rooms. In Nightmare mode, some terrifying music begins playing when Granny nears there is now, which is sure to get your heart racing.

The Nightmare mode also includes a new ending that plays out in the car garage. If Granny catches you on the final day in there, when you regain consciousness, you'll find yourself on the floor of the garage, between the car and the garage door/brick wall. As you look up, you'll see Granny waving at you from the driver's seat of the car before she runs you over and the game comes to a close.

New Pets And Objects: How To Get And Use Remote Control and Pepper Spray

Granny, 1.6, update, nightmare, mode, remote, control,  new, spider, Christmas, horror, game, walkthrough where is the remote control what does it do new car ending new pet tutorial how to
The room under the stairs can be unlocked with a remote control now to reveal a new weapon for combatting Granny. Dveloper

Besides the creepy new Nightmare Mode and Garage ending, Granny also got some new object updates as well.

  • New Spider - In update 1.5 we got the chance to meet Granny's new pet spider, which looked a lot like a black and grey tarantula. In 1.6 the spider gets a makeover and now looks more like a brown recluse. It moves very quickly so, as with the previous spider, have a game plan in place to avoid getting taken out by it.
  • New Lock/Remote Control - The closet under the stairs in the main foyer now has a remote-controlled lock on it. In order to unlock this closet, you will need to find the remote control. Most users have reported finding the remote in the secret book room unlocked by triggering a lever behind a picture in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The remote should be found on the floor in the upper right-hand corner of the room behind the book stand.
  • New Weapon/Pepper Spray - Pepper Spray has now been added to the various tools you can use to defend against Granny. In order to get the pepper spray, you have to use the remote control and open that room under the stairs. In the room, you should find the peppers spray. While it is a fun new tool, it is not the most effective one. Pepper spray has no effect on Granny's spider and when you use it on Granny it only makes her temporarily unable to see you. This means she can still blindly attack you if she manages to make contact with you. The Pepper Spray can basically be seen as a way to slow Granny down a bit but not completely knock her out.

What do you think of the latest Granny update? Did you find more new features in 1.6 that we missed? Share with us in the comments below!