Groom Surprised by Best Man in Wedding Dress in Hilarious Marriage Prank

It's bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her dress before the wedding.

While this may just be superstition, it also robs the guests of the ceremony's key moment; the look of love-mingled-awe as he finally lays eyes on his wife-to-be.

But when one man turned around on his wedding day, he was very surprised, and not just by how beautiful his fiancé looked.

In the footage, posted to TikTok by account @raphipineda, the groom is standing in a wedding venue, wearing a three-piece suit and bow tie.

He is then approached by someone wearing a midi-length white dress, a net veil, and clutching a bouquet of flowers.

When he turns around to look at them, he falls about laughing, before exclaiming: "Oh my god!"

This is because he is not standing next to his fiancé, but instead, the best man dressed up as her.

His friend then pulls him into a hug as the men, and the crowd, cackle with laughter.

The footage is captioned: "When the groom thinks it's gonna be a first look but it's actually the best man #suprise."

The hilarious clip, which was shared on May 18, has so far been seen by 1.1 million people and received more than 156,200 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the humorous video.


When the groom thinks it’s gonna be a first look but it’s actually the best man 🥰 #surprise

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One TikTok user, Amykoep, wrote: "Great way to destress before the main event!!"

A second person, Korn added: "I'd marry him just because of the laugh tbh."

Jim bob commented: "Took him a long time to figure out it wasn't her. He's like, okay she looks like a man put on a brave face."

Social media account User5225821101744 typed: "Everybody bursting out laughing at the same time was 100% the best part."

Margarita Lok: "Groom first was like: Honey, I suggest you to hire someone else to do your make up today."

Maria added: This is the best thing I've seen all day. We have the same laugh!"

However, it is not just the marriage ceremony itself that can be full of mirth.

A recent proposal ended in comedy, when a man asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage during a gondola ride at The Venetian Las Vegas resort in Nevada.

The scene, which was being filmed from the balcony above an indoor canal by user pmarie22, begins with the pair sat side by side as a gondolier punts them through the water.

The man, who is wearing khaki-colored shorts and a jacket, then stands up, before getting on his knees with a ring outstretched to ask the masked woman to marry him.

She appears to say yes, and as he stands up to put the ring onto her finger, he loses his balance and topples into the water.

Wedding photo groom bride
A stock photo of a bride and a groom. In the TikTok video the groom is surprised by his best man at the altar. Getty Images